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The Best Sexual Compatibility for Virgo Women

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The Best Sexual Compatibility for Virgo WomenThe interesting thing about being born under the symbol of the virgin is that people think that you are a frigid or that you don’t have much of a sex drive. This is absolutely not true.

Women born under the Virgo horoscope sign actually have one of the strongest sex drives in all of the zodiac. This should not be a surprise.

If you haven’t experienced something before, and all of a sudden you experience that thing, in many cases, you can’t get enough of it. For example, if you haven’t experienced German chocolate cake before, and your parents take you to a bakery, and you want to check out some great black forest German chocolate cake and something clicks with you, you would want a lot of that cake.


In many cases, you won’t pass up an opportunity to eat that cake.

The same goes with the horoscope sign based on sexual purity, which is the Virgo.


Virgo is the sign of the virgin and obviously; virgins don’t have sex.

People born under the sign of the virgin have the sexual intensity of a virgin that tried out sex for the first time and liked it.


This is why there are many impolite ways to describe the Virgo sex drive. One description is that Virgos are always horny. Virgos always love to have sex. Virgos have the strongest sex drives, so and so forth.

In terms of sexual compatibility, there are many ways to navigate this issue. The cheapest and the most common way are to basically say, “Well, here are the signs that you’re most compatible with.” I’m not going to go down that road.


Because all horoscope signs can actually become sexually compatible with each other as long as you know each others strengths.

I don’t believe in restricting a particular horoscope sign based on sexual compatibility with other horoscope signs that are great in bed or have the same sexual intensity.

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Instead, I look at sex as much bigger than that, as much more profound than that. It has less to do with performance than it has to do with the state of being.

You have to remember that human beings are complete beings. This means that we have our physical aspect, we have our emotional aspect; we have our psychological aspect; we have our spiritual aspect, and yes; we have our sexual aspect.

They all flow into each other. There’s this sense of energy, there’s a sense of completion, and sense of unity that flows throughout all your beings. To simply strip out one aspect and say, “Okay, this is my sexual side.

I’m going to then shop for other horoscope signs that have the same intensity, so and so forth,” kind of cheapens people in terms of essence.

So instead of looking at sexual compatibility from that tired and frankly, vulgar perspective, let’s look at sexual compatibility in terms of how Virgos are from a purely essentialist perspective.

By essential perspective, I am of course talking about a sense of meaning, a sense of completion, a sense of emotional authenticity and spiritual being. In other words, I’m talking the highest and real level a person can get, and sex plays a major role in that.

Unfortunately, there are many traditional societies and conservative mindsets that look at sex as something dirty. They look at sex as something that is really just a so wedded to the flesh, and the flesh is somehow evil.

That sex is basically something to be engaged in from a purely reproductive perspective; and that really just demeans and disrespects the sexual aspect of a person’s being.

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You cannot deny one aspect of the being and try to live a complete life. It’s not just going to happen. And in many cases, the more you suppress that side of yourself, the more it will come raging back in uncontrollable and unpredictable ways later on.

In many cases, a lot of the unhappiness and the harm people do to each other is due to the fact that they suppress their sexuality.

This is really too bad, and this must inform any credible and really usable discussions of the sexual compatibility of Virgo women. So with that out of the way, here are some key facts regarding Virgo female sexual compatibility.

Sex is an Expression

If there is any way to look at a particularly Virgo take on sex is that sex is an expression. Sex is to them not a destination. Sex to them is more of a process. It’s basically a form of expressing their intimate trust, their sense of belonging, their sense of emotional bonding, and their emotional expression.

Sex with a Virgo woman can be very, very intense. There have been many descriptions of it ranging from toe-curling to mind-shattering to be mind-blowing.

The thing to keep in mind here is that it’s not so much about technique, although the Virgo tends to appreciate as well as give great oral sex but more about the emotional aura and the emotional state you are in when you are in physical union with a Virgo female.

Virgo females love surrender during sex. They have this idea that when they are taken, it impacts many aspects of their being. They truly get that sex is not just a physical but also an emotional state, and there is this sense of drama in the whole sex act. There are many different parts to the play, and they truly appreciate each different part.

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The part that they like the most is the foreplay. To them, foreplay is not so much intended to be an end of itself but really to open up and set the mood and increase the intensity for the main action.

If you’re looking for Tantric levels of sex, Virgo women can definitely give you a run for your money as far as that is concerned because the whole concept of tantric sex is to not just increase the length of enjoyment but to really deepen the pleasure.

It’s not just the point where your toes are curling, the hairs in your arms are rising, and your eyes are at the back of your head. It’s more than that. It goes beyond the physical, and this whole concept of Virgo surrender, a total surrender to the being of sex, can lead to really mind-blowing experiences that go beyond the physical.

This is all in keeping with the overall Virgo perfectionist philosophy. They are very idealistic people. They have an idea of the ideal emotional relationship, and they definitely have a clear idea of the ideal levels of sexual intimacy.

The best part of the Virgo, at least as far as sex is concerned, is that they’re not just doing the dreaming, they are also willing to do their part, and that in my opinion, makes them very great lovers.


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