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Mercury in Libra

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You are quite the social butterfly! Mercury in Libra adds to your conversational appeal, by being the planet that rules communication with others. You are an Air Sign, which means you are always thinking about something new. You need and want intelligent and exciting conversations all the time, and when Mercury is in Libra, you will have exactly that.

Mercury in Libra Traits

Mercury in Libra emphasizes your already inherent need to think-out-loud. You will find that some friends are good listeners and others are not. You will benefit from trying to converse with all of those around you. However, try to see the beauty in their different listening styles.

Mercury in Libra will help you see the good intentions of those around you. Speak up if something is bothering you. Address the other person, with love, and show them gratitude. Then, you will both find fulfillment in the relationship; being heard is an amazing gift to give a friend.


Mercury in Libra Women

Mercury in Libra Women will manifest its planetary influence in your spirit, as maternal or sisterly love. These women are beautifully talented in the arts of interpersonal communications. Think of the women in your own life who have made the most positive impacts on you. Mercury in Libra Women are often very confident teachers, public speakers, artists, and public office.

You are in nurturing company. Rather than being catty to another woman, a Woman with Mercury in Libra is more likely to loan you a tampon, trim your hair, or drive you to a scary doctor’s appointment. You are reliable and comforting, and you often find that people think of you as the ‘mom of the friend group’ or their ‘big sister’—and you lovingly oblige.


You are a force to be respected. You inspire others to find and use their own voices. You champion others of all walks of life. Women with Mercury in Libra are a fantastically skilled craftsman of stories, songs, poems, proverbs, and know how to motivate others.

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You can rally a group, even when you are personally exhausted. You can hold back your own tears, if it allows you to comfort a friend, first. You are the energized and enthusiastic woman that everyone knows and envies. Learn to recognize other people’s envy as misguided approval.


You can lead by example, and many will be grateful that you do. You are charismatic and warm, but also know how to make individuals feel their own power. Be the fearless female leader you always dreamed of. Mercury in Libra will give you extra stamina to fight for the Future of Feminism.

Mercury in Libra Men

Libra Men are eloquent and charming. Thankfully, they are not charming for their own ulterior motives, but just know how to speak politely. They can command the respect of an entire boardroom, or sit quietly and people-watch at the coffee shop. Either way, a Man with Mercury in Libra will want to tell you about his day, later.

While honest and upfront, Men with Mercury in Libra do not like breaking hearts. These men do not sugar-coat the truth, but they are very diplomatic. Even after a break-up, a Man with Mercury in Libra can stay friendly enough to be civil and even keep in touch.

You may not always love what he says. At least this man will not be a huge jerk, or make a big scene. Libra, seen in the symbol of the Scales, is about finding what is right. Justice, in the rational realm of Mercury and the emotional empire that is your sign, is finding the best for you both. This man may benefit from –or benefit you by—holding a respectful and honest conversation about the ending of your relationship.

These men are mature, and often date women who are younger. Men with Mercury in Libra are fair and accommodating. These men are generally well-educated, rational thinkers, who are respectful towards women. Watch out for his Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde impression, when Mercury is in Retrograde.

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Mercury and Libra in Love

You search for balance in everything. Be aware that you are not putting hurdles in your own way. Conversation can stimulate you to think from a new perspective. Ask your closest friends to give you their opinions. Mercury in Libra in Love may play devil’s advocate, or try to sabotage your progress.

With Mercury and Libra in Love, you must stop worrying! Love and fulfillment are coming your way. Make sure that you are preparing yourself all year. Show gratitude in all relationships. Try to exercise your listening skills, until they are equal with your superior interpersonal communication skills.

You are an Air Sign, ruled by Venus. Venus, your ruler, combined with your Airy nature and the influence of Mercury, create a true whirlwind of fiery passion. New relationships are open, should you desire one. If you are currently in an unhappy or unhealthy situation, now is the time to make your escape.

Mercury in Libra, the Scales, will feel a bit like a wild ride. You may feel a bit of emotional or spiritual whiplash at the beginning of Mercury’s stride through your Sign. Remember, Scales balance automatically. You are resilient and Venus will help love forefront in your thought and actions.

Your best prospects in love are with a partner who loves to listen and share their day. Other Air signs, Cancer and Scorpio, might share similar attitudes on day-to-day details. A Cancer, especially in Mercury, makes a great homemaker and life partner, because of their empathetic and nurturing tendencies. You will find love and fulfillment when you find the person who keeps the conversation going.

Be aware that your love of debate might rub a partner the wrong way, at times. Not everyone has your quick wit and a large vocabulary. You can dominate a situation and be (perhaps, accidentally) manipulative with your arguments. Your communication skills can also fix this problem.

If dating a quieter Sign, such as a sweet Pisces, you must give them some think-time. Your partner will have a different communication style. Use this to both of your advantages. You are best at communicating when Mercury is in Libra, in Love.

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Your worst prospects in love are with a partner who does not value your opinion. Fiery Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius can offer you great alternative views on life, but you will have trouble being comfortable together, often. You enjoy being the more vibrant one of your pair. The right partner for you will help you feel prepared, polished, and confident.

Dates for Mercury in Libra

Mercury enters Libra on September 29th. Mercury in Libra is not expected to see much negative blowback from Mercury in Retrograde in Libra, but pay attention to the fact that loved ones might be feeling way more mercurial than you are. Find peace and balance in the fact that your sign has a resting period, but stays Ruled by Love.

Final Thoughts

Mercury in Libra is a celebration of your communication skills. Use your talents as the positive force that will bring maximum fulfillment—ask for that raise, say yes to that date, and most of all—be brave enough to ask for what you want. If you hit rejection, you will have established a starting point to begin negotiations. This will help you at work, with friends, and in Love.

Keep in mind that positive intentions and kind words are just the beginning. Communication is a two-way street, so remember to listen to others. Become an active listener, and you will find many doors opening for you.

One of your most endearing qualities is your open and fair mind, Libra. Show gratitude to those who nourish and inspire this quality of yours. By opening your mind instead before opening your mouth, you are giving the universe a chance to answer your question—before you even ask. This broadmindedness and your natural gift for collaborating have already laid out a beautiful and wonderful path before you.


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