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Mars in Libra

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Mars in Libra will demonstrate the Fiery and Masculine influence of Mars on top of their Feminine Ruling Planet, Venus’s seductive ways.  You are quite the charmer and exhibit the best and sexiest of both genders, and in between.  You are open-minded and objective; note that your Zodiac symbol is the only non-living (therefore unbiased) of the 12 Signs.

Mars in Libra Traits

You search for balance, truth, and justice for all people, led by the Love you get from Venus.  You share this love and treat others fairly.  Your feelings get hurt when loved ones treat you unfairly or take advantage of you, and you take it very personally.  Try to be as unbiased even when hurt, as you are the rest of the time—it will take practice, but it’s possible.

Mars in Libra Women

Women with Mars in Libra are polished.  Chic in style, and effortless in execution, she is the utilitarian Venus.  You seek perfection and acceptance through meticulous attention to detail.  This considerate quality also makes you an amazing friend and lover.  You have remarkable interpersonal intelligence and skills—which helps you at work, in friendships, and especially in bed.


You are an intuitive and sensual lover.  You are an ethereal Air Sign, and you will find fulfillment and love when you seek the balance of passion and commitment.  You have a very high libido, you are an intellectual lover, and you get super turned-on by stimulating conversation and people who stick to their word.  Honesty is the best (and sexiest) policy, for Libras.

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Your style is chic and sophisticated—streamlined like your rationale.  You are almost Spartan in some of your harsh tendencies and ideologies.  You are powerful, reserved and open to persuasive arguments, due to your being a Moveable Air Sign.  You benefit greatly from peer respect and love to be in control of large projects and/or groups of people.


You are a take-charge, badass when it comes to being honest with your emotions and initiating change where you find it is necessary.  You love to shake things up and see where they land.  Because you hold no prejudices, you may upset others with your fair and forward thinking—never for a minute let these idiotic haters ruin your good time.

Mars in Libra Men

Men with Mars in Libra will be easily offended by a partner who snubs their seductive ways.  If you are cold to a Libra, expect to get the same treatment.  They are fair.  Sometimes painfully so.  Remember that your Zodiac symbol is the balanced, but literally heartless and unfeeling, Scales.  So, you will be sensitive to any fluctuations or transfers of power or emotional stability in those close to your heart—and a Man with Mars in Libra feels this, too.


Mars and Libra in Love

Mars and Libra in Love are both warriors and champions of Love.  Libra will seek the Justice and fairness promised in Love.  Mars in Libra intensifies this passion.  Unfairness is the enemy of the Scales, and the Scales always get the last word, especially when Mars is in Libra.

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These men are more intuitive than many others, because they are so in tune with the balance in a relationship, that they notice immediately when something ‘feels off’.  This man will be reliable in both business and love because he takes only calculated risks.  This man will not gamble more than he can afford to lose—which also applies to how he will not risk losing you by cheating or being abusive.

Dates for Mars in Libra

Mars enters Libra on October 22nd.  Mars will not enter the next Sign until December 9th.  Be sure to use this precious time to clear up any cloudy perceptions in your relationships.  You are so loving and charismatic, that sometimes people might read more into your attention than you meant to offer.  You might often find yourself on ‘dates’ you thought were just hang sessions, and you forget how attractive you are to those around you, especially when you have Mars in Libra.

Your best prospects in love are with a partner who also values fairness, honesty, justice, and equality.  You will love a partner who has a humanitarian streak. Loves to volunteer, or has a heart for animals.  You are attracted to partners who are nurturers and high-minded thinkers or spiritually open people.  You would get along well with an Aquarius or a Pisces, in that you all seek universal truths as your primary source of faith in life—and when Mars is in Libra.

Your worst prospects in love are with a partner who is too self-involved.  The Cancer lover will try to comfort you into a box, but you just do not fit.  You are too big of a personality to be sheltered in one place for too long and would benefit from a Pisces.  A Pisces partner needs alone time to think, and will encourage you to do the same—broadening your horizons is something you will have in common with both Aquarius and Pisces, in the long-term of commitment—especially with Mars in Libra.

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Final Thoughts

You will find love and fulfillment when your Scales find the perfect balance between being the judge and being accepting of other’s faults.  You will benefit from learning from those around you.  Your unprejudiced mind will be molded by intellect, rationale, and compassion, thanks to the influence of Venus and Love.  You will find self-discipline and motivation within just and truthful parameters—not one to lie to get what you want.

You are noble to sacrifice in the name of Justice.  Make sure not to play a martyr, but rather to further your cause and maintain a healthy relationship with reality and those around you.  Make sure to show gratitude towards those you love.  You may sometimes seem cold and less than compassionate, but in your heart of hearts you are a sweet soul, and you will be re-energized with Mars in Libra.

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