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Libra and Pisces Compatibility

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The match and compatibility between Libra and Pisces is one of my favourite relationships in the entire Zodiac.
Libra and Pisces relationships are so exciting because these two horoscope signs occupy very different places of the horoscope personality constellation.

Libra is known for seeking balance. They can either be balanced people or very imbalanced people. They can either be very easy to get along with or they can be quite frustrating to deal with.

Pisces on the other hand live in the world of emotions. At some level or other, it all boils down to how they feel. They are very sensitive. This can cut both ways for them. On one hand, they can be very thoughtful and compassionate. On the other, they can be so self-absorbed that they’re basically living in their own little emotional world.


Everything it seems reflects around how they feel or how they should feel. Libra and Pisces compatibility can be one of contrast or it can be one of completion.

It really totally depends on where each partner is in their personal maturity. Remember, there is no such thing as a bad horoscope sign. All horoscope signs have a good side and not so good side.


In fact, even the not so good sides can actually be quite positive and can be a great asset once the person puts himself or herself in the right type of situation or circumstances or relationships. Everything is great. There is no such thing as a black and white distinction in regards to personality developments.

Things are only bad if the person is in a certain stage of his or her life and interacts with certain people in certain situations. Keep the following in mind when it comes to Libra and Pisces compatibility.


Libra and Pisces Matches

Keep in mind that Pisces craves attention. They crave attention, but they’re not like the Leo or Aries that tries to grab centre stage at all times. They’re not credit-grabbers. They’re not very proud or arrogant.

Instead, they crave attention internally. This what makes them kind of slippery just like a fish. Libra on the other hand, can appreciate Pisces’ authenticity. Libra traits are also balanced enough to provide the attention a Pisces crave.

When setting up Pisces and Libra matches, play up these different aspects of their personality.

Libra signs know that they need to be a little bit more authentic and depth and they recognize these features in many Pisces people.

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Libra Pisces Relationships in General

In general, Pisces and Libra relationships tend to work out. Why? Time is on their side. As long as they don’t expect each other to be perfect soon, time will work its magic. Unlike some combinations of the horoscope, Pisces and Libra compatibility tends to improve with time.

Libra and Pisces compatibility just like a fine wine, ages well.

Why? Libra provides balance. Libras can be very superficial, but there is a comforting dimension to this superficiality. Pisces on the other hand, can get quite deep.

They can get so deep emotionally and intellectually that they can be quite a hassle to deal with. Libras levity is just what the doctor ordered for the Pisces partner. Pisces on the other hand, provides depth to their Libra partners. Libras know full well that a life well lived is a life that is well examined.

Well, this is not exactly in their nature. When they have a Pisces partner, they get quite a bit of depth and this is good for them in the long run.

In other words, each partner works with each other to provide balance and to complete each other. This is the secret to meaningful and sustainable Libra and Pisces compatibility. You can’t rush it. Time is on its side. You just need quite a bit of patience, but things on the whole will work out if you let it.

Unfortunately, Libra and Pisces compatibility sometimes do not work out when one partner is in a rush or one partner seeks to “perfect” the other partner. It doesn’t work that way. You really have to let time work its magic.

Libra and Pisces Sexual Compatibility

Libras are known for being level-headed or so cool that they are considered sexually cold-fish. This doesn’t mean that they don’t get turned on. What it does mean is that their range of sexual experimentation and sexual fulfilment can be quite restricting, especially if their partner is someone more adventurous like a Scorpio or Gemini. Libra and Gemini sexual compatibility is explosive in 2014.

With Pisces on the other hand, sex is just a reflection of the ultimate form of love. For the Pisces, real intimacy is all about emotional intimacy.

Sex is just the outward manifestation of that. With that said, Pisces does play a big importance on sexual attraction and sexual openness. This doesn’t mean that they are sex machines looking for the best performer in bed. No, they’re deeper than that. They look at emotional signals.

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They look at intimacy and authenticity. These are what are important to the Pisces. Assume that sex acts itself, but what sex act represents the very deep people on the whole. Libra on the other hand, is quite superficial. Sex is really something that feels great, but isn’t really particularly deep for them.

They don’t really place too much emphasis or deeper personal meaning to sex acts and sexual expression. This can be a source of friction between these two horoscope signs because Pisces prize sexual spontaneity. Again, sexual spontaneity is looked at as a good thing, not because Pisces are interested in sexual spontaneity in of itself. They look at it as shorthand for spontaneity in other aspects of the person’s life.

Libra is a very fun-seeking individual, but they tend to fall into a rut. They tend to fall within a range of activities and this might not be spontaneous enough for their Pisces partner.

Thankfully, as both partners grow up in their relationship, their sexual needs tend to align with each passing year and Pisces’ sexual spontaneity tends to rub-off on the Libra partner and the Libra partner’s ability to take things lightly grows on the Pisces.

Libra Men and Pisces Women

Libra men are known to be quite lazy. However, they also tend to focus on physicality. While this lays a harsh judgment, many Libra men have leveraged their laziness to make a lot of money or to earn more at their jobs.

Why? When you’re lazy, you look for creative ways to do things faster in greater volume, but with less physical labour. Their innate laziness forces Libra men to become quite creative.

This works well with their relationships with Pisces women because they’re focused on physicality and Pisces focus on emotionality forces Libra men to come up with creative solutions. Instead of this seemingly conflicting orientations producing conflict, it really pushes the Libra male partner to come up with workarounds and creative solutions that make both partners happy.

Pisces women are very accommodating. As long as their emotional needs are met, they can be very supportive and very encouraging. This all works out in the favour of both partners.

Pisces and Libra Problems

No discussion of Libra and Pisces compatibility will be complete without at least a passing discussion on Pisces and Libra problems.

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Every matchup on the horoscope involves problems. Nobody is perfect. Nobody is completely developed. Nobody is completely mature. There are many situations that trials bring out the worst in us.

Pisces and Libra are definitely no exceptions. The weakness of the Pisces partner in a love relationship is that Pisces tends to blow things out of proportion. Again, this should not be a surprise because in the Pisces’ mind, everything is about them. Put more specifically, everything is about them on an emotional level.

They take things too emotionally. Libra on the other hand, can be quite glib or superficial. If you’re looking for really deep emotionally meaningful reactions, you would be hard-pressed to get that out of the Libra. At the very least, they look like they don’t care. At worst, they look like they’re acting. But in reality, Libras also has emotional authenticity. They just need more practice fanning the flames.

This is a serious issue in terms of Libra and Pisces compatibility because Pisces feels that Libras are not emotionally authentic enough. Again, the big problem is that the Pisces partner tends to make the Libra mature faster than the Libra can mature. Libra on the other hand, looks at Pisces’ seeming tendency to blow things out of proportion as a form of emotional immaturity.

One of the secrets to truly fulfilling Libra and Pisces compatibility is to let each partner age and mature and have enough emotional space. This advice is aimed primarily at the Pisces partner. You have to give your Libra partner some slack.

Let time work its magic. Don’t be in a hurry to make your Libra partner grow up in a hurry. If the Pisces partner lets go a little bit, Libra and Pisces compatibility will work out. Libras tend to have an inner equilibrium.

Given the right signals and enough time, they tend to achieve a certain balance. Pisces on the other hand, can be so emotionally impatient that they can throw the scales out of balance and really drag things on much longer.

This is the key to Libra and Pisces compatibility. The Pisces partner needs to take it down a notch and the Libra needs to step it up a bit. With enough time, things will work out and both partners will feel that they are in a good and solid, long term relationship.

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