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Libra and Gemini Compatibility

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Are Libra and Gemini compatible? Are these two signs a good match for love or even marriage? I reveal my thoughts on Libra Gemini matches in this special compatibility report.

My Libra love horoscope for 2016 tells me that yes, Libra will find love. However will it be with a Gemini sign?

Before we look at my predictions for Libra and Gemini couples, I want to ask you a question.


What happens when you match somebody who prizes stability and balance with somebody who changes on a dime?

There are many answers to this question, but one answer that anyone who has ever been in a Libra Gemini relationship truly agrees on is that you will never be bored.


This is precisely the secret to positive Libra and Gemini compatibility.

The Gemini has often been mischaracterized and misunderstood throughout the history of astrology. Gemini people are often labelled as being two-faced, backstabbers and really untrustworthy and unstable people.


Libra, on the other hand, have been stereotyped as a level headed, balanced, easy going and otherwise positive people that you would like to have on your side. The reality is there is no such thing as a perfect Libra or a perfect Gemini. There are many good Gemini people throughout history as there are lousy and sketchy Libra people throughout history.

Unfortunately, old stereotypes die hard. When looking at Libra and Gemini compatibility, we still have to confront these long existing factors.

The main reason why they have existed so long is that there is a germ of truth to these stereotypes.

Gemini do, on average, tend to be unstable. Whether we are talking about jobs, relationships, emotions, spirituality, psychological balance, you name it.

Libra, on average, tends to focus on balance and stability. These two factors are very high on their values scale.

With that said, there is a lot to recommend in Libra and Gemini relationships and compatibility. It takes a lot of work, it definitely takes effort to pass initial misconceptions, but this kind of match can definitely bloom.

Keep the following factors in mind, in terms of different compatibility situations between Libra and Gemini.

Libra Men and Gemini Women

This match of the male Libra and the female Gemini can be summed up in one sentence:

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The Libra conventionality versus Gemini’s chameleon-like changing personality.

This can be a great thing. This may be a bad thing. It all depends on how you look at it, where and what time you look at this stage of Libra and Gemini compatibility.

At first the match of Libra men and Gemini women can be a lot of fun.

Libra guys tend to be slightly boring so they can appreciate the spontaneous nature of their Gemini partner.

They also can appreciate the fact that a Gemini partner is like a book, that when you turn the page you see different aspect and different chapters and different secrets.

However, during the middle stage or early middle stage of a Libra Gemini relationship, the Libra man can give in to an inner craving for stability.

This is, after all, the defining feature of Libra male personality types.

They like stability. They like predictability.

The Gemini’s ever changing tendencies and ever changing attitudes can strike them as too much of a good thing. Eventually, it might strike them as too much to handle.

Gemini women, on the other hand, need to approach this aspect of Libra and Gemini compatibility with a lot of patience.

They have to remember that their spontaneity is actually helping their Libra partner. They are educating the Libra side of their relationship on a day to day basis.

They cannot just give up on the Libra partner and say you are too boring or too predictable. It takes time for this aspect of Libra and Gemini compatibility and relationships to truly bloom.

Understanding Gemini and Libra Relationships

Gemini and Libra relationships need time and effort. While you may roll your eyes and say that it applies to all aspects of the horoscope, Libra and Gemini compatibility needs a lot more time and effort than many other matches of the horoscope.

Why? The Gemini need for constant challenges and something new in their lives, can grate on the Libra partner.

Libra partners might feel that they are being put on the spot, because their personalities are so different from their Gemini partners.

Also, the Libra partner might just reach a point where he or she feels that the constant need for engagement and challenges of the Gemini partner is just not worth it.

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There is a lot of give and take compromise involved, especially in the early part of Gemini and Libra relationships.

Still, Libra and Gemini compatibility is not dead from the beginning. This can lead to great places. This can lead to a mutually fulfilling and happy relationship. It just takes a lot of time, effort and understanding.

libra and gemini matchesLibra and Gemini Marriage Compatibility

When it comes to getting married, it will always be quite hard to get the Libra partner to commit to the Gemini partner. That is just a fact of life.

It is hard to get the Libra to commit at all.

While this does not necessarily mean that this person is completely gun shy and will never commit, it does take a little bit more time, a little bit more effort and often times the right set of circumstances. Still, Libra guys do commit.

However, when it comes to marriage compatibility, the Libra must make a lot of allowances for Gemini unpredictability.

At first, everything is fun because Gemini signs are unpredictable, so you are assured that every day that you spend with that person will not be the same as the previous day.

But this is precisely what is challenging about Libra and Gemini compatibility.

Libras like to experience the world within a fixed range of experiences. In other words, they like predictability. They like to call ahead for the menu. They do not like any sharp or disturbing surprises. Gemini, on the other hand, loves to live life by playing it purely by the seat of their pants.

This is what makes them fun; this is also what makes relationships work for them. Gemini relationships with Libra are often, rocky, challenging and often times volatile.

With that said, marriage compatibility between Libra and Gemini can have serious rewards, especially when both partners grow up a little bit and the mature aspects of their astrological signs truly shine out.

Libra and Gemini Sexual Compatibility

Libras can often be mischaracterized as sexually boring. This is not entirely unfair.

Libra likes predictability and they tend not to be experimental people. They are not very creative in the bedroom, and this can cause certain issues with Gemini.

Gemini’s are all about unconventionality. Gemini’s are always about turning the page and exploring different avenues and being creative.

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This applies to all aspects of life, not just the bedroom or their love life but also in their platonic relationships, in their work life and their creative life. This is why Gemini’s make for great writers.

Many Gemini signs are quite introspective. In my experience this blend of Libra conventionality and quirky Gemini sexuality can lead to lots of frustration, at least on the middle part of the relationship.

However once both partners really warm up to each other and truly know each other’s’ expectations, things can reach a level where this aspect of Libra and Gemini compatibility will be mutually satisfying.

Sure, it may not reach the highest ideals of a Gemini partner, but it would definitely be acceptable enough for them to enjoy being with their Libra lover.

My Final Thoughts on Libra and Gemini Matches

There is really only one piece of advice for optimal Gemini and Libra matches: make it fun.

To make Libra and Gemini compatibility truly work out, you need to make it fun, you need to make it unpredictable, you need to make it unscripted, but interestingly enough, balanced as well.

In other words, both partners really have to give up a little bit for Libra and Gemini compatibility to really work out.

On the one hand, Libra needs to loosen up a little bit, and appreciate that life should be lived in a fun way. Life is unpredictable. It should be unscripted.

This level of spontaneity brings a lot more enjoyment to each and every day the Libra partner spends with his or her Gemini partner. The Gemini partner, on the other hand, has to do his or her part for optimal Libra and Gemini compatibility.

At the very least, the Gemini should understand that there is a time and place for everything. While your needs for fun and spontaneity are great and everything, you have to keep it in its place. In many cases, you need to give in to you Libra partner’s need for balance and stability.

Instead of feeling that you cancel each other out, look at it as you are complementing or completing each other.


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