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Libra and Cancer Compatibility

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libra and cancer compatibility

Libra and Cancer matches and compatibility are analysed in this special report. If you are wondering if these two signs are a good match for friendship, love and romance you should read this report very carefully.

There are a lot of myths when it comes to the compatibility between Libra and Cancer matches. In this special report I will reveal my own expert opinion on these two very different signs of the Zodiac and give my own opinion on whether these two signs are ever a good match for love.


Cancer is a very interesting sign of the horoscope. They are very interesting because you really don’t feel that what you see is what you get with someone born under Cancer.

On the one hand, you see somebody that seems to be very strong and has it all together and then on the other hand you sometimes feel that this person is about to fall apart at any time. What gives?


The Cancer is all about outward strength and inner insecurity and inner sensitivity. You might think that you have a solid friend with a Cancer and at the end of the day, the Cancer is actually very doubtful about many things including your friendship.

The Libra on the other hand is all about seeking balance. There are two types of Libras. One type includes Libras that are very balanced and very well-positioned. These people are very hard to knock off their perch and seem to have things figured out.


On the other hand, there are Libras that tend to be imbalanced – they are black and white people, they are either on one end or the other. This can be quite unstable, but at the same time, they can be very focused and solid in terms of loyalty.

So, what happens when you put these Libra and Cancer signs together? One thing is for sure – you are not going to lack for interesting times.

Keep reading below to learn more about Libra and Cancer Compatibility.

Cancer Man and Libra Woman Love Compatibility

When it comes to matters of the heart, the Cancer man and the Libra woman can actually get along very well.

Starting a relationship for these two signs is not hard at all. They can catch each other’s eye easily and attraction is often instant. Why?

The Libra woman can blend in with any crowd. The Libra woman knows crowd expectations – she knows how to dress accordingly and more importantly, she knows how to carry herself to maximize her chances getting along with everybody.

The Cancer man on the other hand, has a great outward appearance. If you’re looking for confidence, or you’re looking for somebody who seems to know what he’s doing in life – the Cancer man can definitely bring this to the table.

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So if you put all these outward signals together, the Cancer man and the Libra woman can really hit it off very well.

The problem is, getting past the middle stage of the relationship. The Cancer man is grappling with a lot of inner insecurities.

You have to remember, the Cancer is a crab – a crab is an animal with a very strong exoskeleton but a very squishy and soft interior.

There are lots of issues boiling underneath and deep inside the Cancer man. The Libra woman on the other hand can be superficial. The Libra woman can be a simple case of what you see is what you get, but the downside to the Libra woman is that she has a tough time making a decision.

She can’t commit easily and this is precisely why the love compatibility between Libra and Cancer signs can run into problems.

The Cancer man wants reassurance, and nothing could be more reassuring than when somebody commits to you.

The Libra woman on the other hand, may seem unable to give this kind of assurance. This is where Libra and Cancer Compatibility really face a strong resistance – this opens the door to a lot of misconceptions, a lot of misunderstandings and a lot of miscommunication.

It is not uncommon for love relationship between a Cancer man and a Libra woman to end in bitter fights. How bitter? Well I have seen Cancer Libra relationships end in a way that can scar the Cancer man for life.

Libra Men and Cancer Women

Libra men, if they are immature and insecure can definitely play a lot of tricks on Cancer women.

You have to remember, Cancer women are very insecure. Cancer signs in general are very insecure. However, they develop as they mature and often times, Cancers fail to mature. Instead, they get stuck.

For example, if Cancer is insecure about money, the Cancer will compensate for that insecurity by buying a large house, buying a BMW or Mercedes, and racking up a lot of debt.

If the Cancer is insecure about his or her looks, the Cancer will compensate with fancy outfits.

You have to keep these in mind when it comes to Libra and Cancer Compatibility, because if your Libra partner has nasty side, he can easily manipulate the insecurities of the Cancer.

Sadly, the Cancer takes a long time to understand that she is being manipulated. So when looking at Libra men and Cancer women, Cancer women definitely have to watch out because Libra guys tend to be very superficial. My special report on Seducing the Libra Man explains this in more detail.

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This superficiality of Libra men will often get in the way of them maturing. They often think that life is a game and many of them are very lazy so it’s not uncommon for the Cancer woman to put money on the table so that the Libra man can eat.

As you could tell, this is not a recipe for a mutually beneficial and fulfilling relationship. If you are a Cancer woman and you see yourself in this situation, you might want to leave the relationship. This is one of the most negative aspects of Libra and Cancer Compatibility.

Libra and Cancer Marriage Compatibility

Before reading this section, you need to read the previous section. You need to read it very carefully. Assuming that your relationship was able to survive, the good news is that stability is quite high.

Cancer signs are great at putting up a strong front, they are great at looking solid and looking dependable. However, deep inside they’re falling apart. They always need reassurance. They always need some sort of validation. To say that a Cancer is insecure is to say that water is wet – it is an understatement.

Their insecurity is really what defines them. With that said, in a marriage between Libra and Cancer signs, the Cancer can grow and mature and become more solid inside and out.

The big challenge for this dimension of Libra and Cancer Compatibility is to get the Cancer in the marriage, and often it takes the Libra to make that decision.

Cancer and Libra Sexual Compatibility

When it comes to sex between Libra and Cancer signs, the Cancer is definitely a leader in this relationship. The Libra is more than happy to stay superficial when it comes to sex.

To put it frankly, to the Libra, sex is a simple in and out affair.

The Cancer on the other hand, can be physical and great lovers, but deep down, it’s all about emotions. They want something more from sex, not just the question of achieving climax; it’s not just a question of feeling really good and feeling the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

To the Cancer, that’s all well and good – that sex should be something more Spiritual. This is where the Cancer can definitely lead the Libra partner to a deeper understanding of sex and a deeper appreciation of what sex can do – not just for your body but for your emotions, your mind and your spirit as well.

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This is the aspect of compatibility where the Cancer can teach the Libra to become a better-rounded person.

Cancer and Libra Problems

In addition to the very sad situation described above where Libra men take advantage of Cancer women, the main problems that Libras and Cancers have with each other really turns on two issues: Libra inability to commit and Cancer insecurity.

These factors make Libra and Cancer Compatibility very difficult.

Note that I’ve used the phrase “very difficult” – I did not say impossible. Why?

In matches of Zodiac signs, there is no such thing as an impossible match-up, seriously. If one of the partners is mature enough, or both partners are mature enough, regardless of how negative the different aspects of their horoscope personality may be, they can still get along.

This is the secret to making Libra and Cancer Compatibility live up to its fullest potential – it’s all about maturity. This is actually pretty similar to the compatibility between Libra and Taurus.

Cancer signs need to mature, and we’re not just talking about compensation. They need to move past compensation as a coping mechanism.

They should focus on actually maturing and being secure. Libras on the other hand, need to mature and know how to commit, and they need to know that they don’t have to know everything before they commit; they don’t have to keep weighing everything forever so they can be 100% sure.

One of the happiest days in a Libras life is when they discover that knowing 60% is good enough. So when it comes to Libra and Cancer Compatibility issues, the problems are definitely significant, but they are not insurmountable. It all depends on how patient they are with each other.

The good news is that Libras has great ability to get along with everybody and to adapt, and by being patient with their Cancer partner’s insecurity, their relationship can definitely blossom.

My Final Thoughts on Libra Cancer Compatibility

As you can tell there are a whole host of issues that stand in the way of happy and successfully compatibility between Libra and Cancer signs.

At times it may seem that all hope for a happy relationship is lost and that these two signs are just too different to ever be compatible. This might be true for some Libra Cancer relationships but this is an oversimplification.

In my experience, with a little effort and a lot of patience, even the most hopeless of Libra Cancer relationships can blossom and develop into long term, happy and fulfilling relationships.


  1. Treavor Alvarado

    May 27, 2015 at 7:58 am

    I’m a Cancer. I am defiantly not insecure. In fact Im a go getter. I’m not shy, I love attention, and very social. I’m secure and I go for what I want.There is no time to cry about petty stuff. I also get my way, be it sex, a Job, or any goal I set my mind too. I hate staying at home all the time. I spend years clubbing and enjoying multiply sexual partners. I’ve dated mostly Libra’s, its all about communication. One thing I will agree with you is that, only one of my relationships ended up un-reparable but he was very unbalance.. I do agree that sometimes I want more emotional connection, but I’ve learn to ignore it. Why worry about it, like a lion I like to wait for my pray instead of cry about why they have not called. Give them just enough for them to return is my modo. But than again I am a Cancer Sign, Leo Rising, and Aquarius moon.

    • Imelda

      May 27, 2015 at 9:43 am

      I completely agree Treavor – when it comes to Libra and Cancer it really is all about communication. Not so sure about your other points though 🙂

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