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Jupiter in Libra

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Jupiter in Libra Traits

Jupiter is the Ruling Planet of Generosity and Trust. Libra is symbolized by the Scales—the only inanimate object in all the 12 Zodiac symbols. This does not mean you have no heart. Rather, you are the most objective and just. You favor fairness, above all, which is multiplied by Jupiter’s generosity, when Jupiter is in Libra.

When Jupiter is in Libra, you have the power to open yourself fully to new relationships, or even to end an unhealthy one. You will feel fulfillment through your acts that further the social justice situation in your community. You will find love in multiple areas of your life at this time because you are most receptive to the compromises that might need to be made on your part. Jupiter in Libra will strengthen you to the point of being able to take these hard, and rewarding, steps.

Jupiter in Libra Women

Women with Jupiter in Libra will be more energized to enrich their relationships with others. Your capability for empathy will expand during this time, allowing you to be closer to those you love, as well as your community. Generous Jupiter in Libra will nurture your senses of equality and fairness, and give you new ideas on how to manifest these qualities in your life.


You will find fulfillment in setting a tone of fairness in your home life. Talk to your loved ones about any inequalities they perceive in your relationship. You will benefit from airing any problems now, while Jupiter is in Libra, because this is the height of your ability to be objective about your relationships, and take the necessary steps to get where you would like to be.

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Jupiter in Libra Men

Men with Jupiter in Libra will be extra sure to make you feel like an equal. This man will be progressive in his attitude towards women in the home, workplace, and community. He is likely a self-labeled feminist, with strong ties to his mother.


This man will be happy to split the bill if you’d like. However, Generous Jupiter in Libra might make this man want to spoil you and shower you with gifts and affection. Be sure to reciprocate his generosity—remember Libras are all about fairness! Be aware that Jupiter also rules Trust, so this will be a major factor in your relationship.

Mutual trust is a turn on for this man. He will be very receptive to anything you ask or tell him, especially with Jupiter in Libra. Be sure to show your gratitude for his unbiased and honest viewpoint on your relationship, and you will find love and fulfillment.


Jupiter and Libra in Love

In Love, Jupiter and Libra will guide you toward a faithful partner. Jupiter is the Ruling Planet of Vision and Expansion, and Libra, the Scales, blindly weigh pros and cons in relationships. You are great at risk-management analysis, and you are usually careful with your heart. Let your intuition guide you when Jupiter is in Libra, and you will find love and fulfillment.

Your best prospects in Love are with a partner who will be honest, fair, and pull their weight in the relationship. If you agree to a division of labor, whatever it is—make sure it is fair. For instance, if you stay at home while he works full-time, your man will probably expect you to take great care of your home and family’s needs. This may be seen as sexist from the outside, but if you are both fine with the arrangement, and you don’t feel taken advantage of, then screw what anyone thinks!

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You would most likely match well with an Aquarius or a fellow Libra. While you would make a great partner for many, you might not be fully fulfilled by those same people. You need the open-mindedness of an Aquarius or another Air Sign. You might also benefit from pairing with a Libra because you approach the relationship as logical, considerate, and equal halves of the whole.

Your worst prospects in Love are with a partner who will leave you feeling like you are carrying them. You may even fall into the unfortunate trap of pairing with someone who enables you to dominate them in an unhealthy way, so be aware of inequalities from both people’s perspective. You might feel a Leo is entirely too self-involved and too much of a perfectionist for your balanced nature. You might also be discouraged if dating a Taurus or an Aries because their stubborn ways will clash with your sense of growth through healthy debate.

Dates for Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter entered Libra on September 24, 2004, and on September 9, 2016, staying until October 10, 2017. Because Jupiter’s cycle through all the Signs takes approximately 12 years, the next time Jupiter enters Libra will be on August 24, 2028. The visit after that predicts Jupiter entering Libra on December 12, 2039.

Retrogrades occurring this cycle are as follows: On November 11, 2016, Jupiter goes Retrograde. On February 6, 2017, Jupiter goes Stationary and then goes Stationary Direct on June 9, 2017. Jupiter exits Retrograde on September 6, 2017.

Final Thoughts

Libra, be aware that the idea of being weighed on your Scales or held to your standard may seriously freak out some of your potential lovers. Show grace and open your mind to newness while Jupiter is in Libra. Jupiter will bless you in finding love and fulfillment through a willingness to change.

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Of all the Zodiac, you are the fair-minded. Trust that your openness will be rewarded. Show gratitude to your loved ones, and make sure that you are putting at least as much into your relationships as you hope to gain from them. After all, you’re not allowed to be ‘more equal’, so do not fall into the trap of feeling superior in your fairness.

In other words, stay humble and gracious. Never boast about your blessings. Speak with a grateful tone, especially while Jupiter is in Libra.

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