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Quotes about Leo

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In some situations, Leo can be hard to understand. For one thing, their outer disposition doesn’t always display what they truly feel inside. Oftentimes Leo’s have personalities that contradict each other. For example, it is a known fact that Leo’s can be strong individuals.

However despite their strong personalities, they can also be sensitive and fragile due to their pride. You can read about this in my special report on the Leo Woman Personality.There are many ways to describe a Leo, but what better way to project the true nature of Leos than by providing you with Leo quotes and sayings written by best selling authors of astrology books?

The authors of these books are well experienced with astrological research, making their books good sources of information about the different zodiacs. I will also provide you with quotes mentioned by famous Leos.


Leo Quotes To Help You Understand the Leo Personality This 2014

The ruling planet of Leos is the Sun. We all know that all the other planets revolve around the Sun. Just like its ruling planet. Leos also want to be center of everyone’s attention. Most Leos don’t really want to be noticed for being the best. Leos want to be noticed due to their personalities that are very different from other people. They are also very goal-oriented and driven. Sometimes this obsession with their career becomes a negative point for Leo.

Here is one of the Leo quotes that came from Liz Greene’s book, Barriers and Boundaries, to give you an instinctive understanding about the Leo personalities I mentioned before.


“It would sometimes appear on the surface, that Leo needs approval and affirmation from others, whereas Aries doesn’t give a damn.”

With Leo potency, the world outside may not be that important. Obviously we have some glaring historical exceptions, such as Napoleon. On the surface he seems to be an exception. But in the main, for Leo it isn’t a question of feeling potent; it is a question of feeling unique. These are not the same thing. Leo’s need is not focused on beating the competition. In many ways Leo is not competitive at all.


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Other people simply aren’t important enough to be considered competition, because Leo’s dialogue is really between oneself and God. This is reflected in the need to experience oneself as having a destiny, because an individual destiny implies that there is some divine power which says,

“You’re here for a special purpose; you are my favored child. This is the core of the hero myth. The inner feeling of being chosen, of being the divine child, is a fundamental aspect of Leo’s defense against extinction or ordinariness”

Those with royal blood are known for their ruthless pride. Even if the all the facts and evidence are already laid before them, Leos will seldom admit that they are wrong. Their pride is also the reason why Leos are known to take rejection and criticisms the wrong way. Famous master astrologer, Christopher Renstrom, even mentioned the Leo’s pride in his book after his thorough astrology research. Here is a Leo quote that came from his book called Ruling Planets.

“And like the king you don’t take criticism well. You see nothing ‘constructive’ about someone pointing out your faults. As far as you’re concerned, a naysayer just wants to ruin your day. This is when the children of the Sun get very imperious. You’ll adopt “take it or leave it” attitude about your performance on the job or at home. You aren’t ambitious in the ordinary sense of the word. You see ambition as déclassé. Ambitious people are just out for themselves. Needy, grabby, and hopelessly dissatisfied, they’re driven by what’s lacking in their lives. You don’t see yourself as lacking anything. This isn’t to say you’re perfectly happy. There are plenty of things you’d like to have or hope to achieve one day. But the difference is that you see yourself as constantly moving towards your golden age. If you don’t get what you want today, there’s always a chance you’ll get it tomorrow. Even when skies are cloudy and gray, your Ruling Planet, the Sun, never deviates from its path.”

Leo’s are proud, strong and goal-driven. Another popular characteristic of Leos is their powerful charisma. With their aggressive behavior towards goals and their unique charm, Leos make excellent leaders. Leos are also known to be very creative when it comes to dealing with issues and relationships with their lovers and family. Those who have a Leo zodiac sign are also very conscious with their actions. While other signs actually focus on keeping to themselves, a Leo actually enjoys coming up with actions that will allow them to be noticed by other people.

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For Leo, this quote and saying by Ralph Waldo Emerson strongly relates to these Leo characteristics. According to Emerson,

“Let your enthusiasm radiate in your voice, your actions, your facial expressions, your personality, the words you use and the thoughts you think! Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

Another Leo quote can also be found in the book called Complete Astrology. Alan Oaken, the author of Complete Astrology, also mentioned the Leo’s leadership skills and charisma in his book. He said that those with a Leo zodiac sign have a

“quality that inspires people to place their faith and trust in him. If confidence turns to vanity, however, Leo will find that others will just easily turn away. Leo is not an insecure Aries, an evasive Taurus, a jumpy Gemini, a fearful Cancer. He is Lord Leo the Proud (unless of course, he happens to be Loafer Leo the Cowardly, an equally numerous species of feline). He is determined to success, to rally everyone under his banner.”

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