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Leo and Aquarius Compatibility

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Leo and Aquarius CompatibilityLeo and Aquarius compatibility in love, friendships and even in marriage is analysed and reviewed in this special compatibility report.

I have prepared this to answer the question that I get asked on an almost daily basis –

Are Leo and Aquarius a good match or should these two signs avoid each other like the plague?


Many people have asked me to analyse these two signs of the Zodiac and consider the potential love compatibility and friendship compatibility between Leo and Aquarius for the year ahead so without further ado, let’s get started right away!

Powerful, interesting, fascinating; these are the adjectives to describe how people will see a relationship between a Leo and Aquarius.


At its best, the Leo and Aquarius relationship is one founded on love, compatibility, and the strange fact that opposites really do attract.

When balanced correctly, a Leo-Aquarius relationship is formidable, a relationship that defines power and intellect.


But when it goes wrong, it can easily crash in flames with the same epic proportions.

Before we look at the match between Leo and Aquarius in love let’s first understand the actual definition of each of these signs.

Leo: The Fixed Fire Sign

Leo signs are incredibly creative and with this spark come charm, presence, a certain warm-hearted demeanour, and undeniable aura of command. Larger than life, celebrating the self – the Leo is used to getting what he or she wants, and enjoys the all the trappings of power.

My special report on the key traits of the Leo sign explains this in more detail.

Aquarius: The Fixed Air Sign

Aquarians are aloof, almost cold. They are intellectual, and always looking to the future. And yet, they are personable, having a friend almost everywhere. They always seem to be seeing a bigger picture, always knowing what’s ahead. This otherworldliness attracts and fascinates people.

Now that we understand the key aspects that drive the personalities of the Leo and Aquarius signs we can really start to understand how these two signs are when matched together in a romantic relationship.

Leo and Aquarius Compatibility

The key thing to realize about these two signs is that both Leo and the Aquarian are notoriously stubborn. Neither one of them will budge from their respective positions come hell, or high water. It gets worse if the dissenting opinion is from someone who they thought would support them.

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Even worse, Leo, being the leaders that they are, tends to put things in order, to delegate tasks – and they will hardly tolerate any sign of disrespect or dismissal.

Aquarius, as if to fan the flames even more, are more like prophets – while the Leo’s creativity is born of an imagination based on passion, with Aquarians, it is almost oracular, an intellectual yet sometimes subconscious understanding of events and facts.

This aspect the Leo and Aquarius Zodiac sign compatibility is explained in my special report on Zodiac Compatibility.

It may be that for Aquarius, the Leo’s dominance might be little more than the antics of a demanding child at times (heaven forbid that this is said aloud!).

But never fret – as has been said, the Leo-Aquarius relationship is a powerful match, once both sides know what to do and how to act around each other.

Leo Man and Aquarius Woman Relationships

A relationship between a Leo man and an Aquarian woman tends to start well, as both sides have a very physical nature to the way they approach relationships. However, there are certain things that both have to address, otherwise the relationship may become nothing more than an intense fling, or a passionate affair that dies down after some time.

The Leo man must respect the Aquarian woman’s freedom and discretion.

This is understandably hard for the Leo, given his kingly tendencies, but well, he is dating a person who sees a bigger picture – and does prefer to keep some parts of it secret.

The Aquarian woman, on the other hand, should allow and understand if the Leo seeks a greater sense of intimacy.

That can be a bit difficult, since Aquarius love definitely isn’t as intense in the way a Leo would normally want love to be.

But if both Leo and Aquarius adore each other enough to come to an understanding and agreed-upon middle ground, then both will be quite happy, with the Leo man boldly forging ahead with his ambitions while the Aquarian woman will offer insight and strategy, aside from love, companionship and, ahem, an interesting love life.

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Aquarius Men and Leo Women Love Compatibility

If you thought that a Leo man and Aquarius woman need a killer balancing act for their love life, wait until you see an Aquarius man and a Leo woman get at it. The Aquarian man, who can be aloof, and even be the perfect absent-minded professor, with his head always in the clouds, can also be a man with a dangerous tongue, full of wit and sarcasm.

This won’t play well with a dominating Leo woman. It gets worse if the Aquarian feels that the relationship is an unlooked-for weight.

But there is hope. It all lies in understanding that both Leo and Aquarius have to lower their defences and show a little kindness and caring for each other. They have to get over the fact that what attracted them to each other are also the very traits that can drive them apart.

Once Leo and Aquarius understand that they have much more to learn about life when they’re in each other’s arms, the longer the relationship will last.

But it won’t be easy, as this relationship will always be a challenge. But once the Leo sees it as something worth fighting for, and the Aquarius sees it as the ultimate challenge, then all will be well. 

My Top 3 Tips for Leo and Aquarius Love Matches

  • Remember why you started your relationship in the first place – Leo and Aquarius couples have a terrible habit of falling into a routine that neither person wants to be a part of – don’t let this happen to your relationship!
  • Leo and Aquarius couples live for the moment – sometimes it is best just to forget everything that is holding you back and go for it. Excitement is a crucial aspect of all long term Leo and Aquarius relationships.
  • Take time out – it is inevitable that there will be some tension and arguments from time to time. Remember to take time out from each other before these arguments spiral out of control.
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Leo and Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

Given the vast series of complications and issues to deal with when it comes to love matches between Leo and Aquarius it is refreshing to see that when it comes to platonic relationships between these two signs there are no big problems to deal with.

Leo and Aquarius can make very easy friendships when there is no sexual tension involved in the match.

If you are considering a friendship with either sign you should make sure to keep it purely on a friendship level.

In my experience analysing Leo and Aquarius matches it is only when the relationship moves from friendship to romance that the issue already discussed come into play.

My Final Thoughts on Leo Aquarius Relationships

Leo Aquarius compatibilityOn the Leo’s part, they should understand that Aquarians tend to have unconventional notions of fidelity – perhaps even dividing fidelity and relationships entirely from each other.

Leo must ask himself or herself how important being faithful is in the overall scheme of things – and explains that to the Aquarian.

Luckily, unless the Aquarian is of a very stubborn mind about his secrets, this should be something that can be negotiated on and agreed upon with minimal stress.

Aquarians, on the other hand, must learn to appreciate the intensity, the passion that marks Leos. They should understand this not from the viewpoint of an observer, but as their lover and partner in life. The more that an Aquarian can minimize the aloofness, the easier it will be to get along with Leos in the years to come.

Aquarius will have to rely heavily on their Leo partners, both in matters of money and professional support.

At the end of the day I believe that if Leo and Aquarius and take the time to communicate and work through some of their initial issues there is no reason at all as to why the match between a Leo and Aquarius cannot be extremely successful.


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  2. Angel Pie Weinberg

    January 20, 2015 at 5:05 am

    My Husband & I.. ❤ together since 16, & 23 years later, through some rough patches, we are more in love. Been there & done that. Hes amazing! I cant believe he puts up with tjis Aquarius at times!! was mostly spot on!!

    • Imelda Green

      February 12, 2015 at 9:33 pm

      lovely pic Angel xx

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