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Mercury in Gemini

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Mercury in Gemini Traits

Mercury is the Ruling planet of the Gemini.  Both Gemini and Mercury are symbols of communication; discussion, debate, or agreement.  Geminis are very quick in conversation and can keep people engaged for long periods.

Although Gemini may come across a bit air-headed to some people, it is because they are mentally juggling multiple thoughts.  These Mercurial Geminis can multitask like no other.  They always have the right thing to say, at the right time.

You would make an amazing host/hostess, greeter, public administrator, or personal office assistant because you love interacting with new people.  You would genuinely be happy to talk to strangers all day.  Your Ruling planet, Mercury, is always here to help you do so.


Mercury in Gemini Women

A Mercurial Gemini Woman can become bored easily.  You are highly intelligent and need a lot of intellectual stimulation.  Because of these qualities, you are like a symphony conductor; you are not the best at any single instrument, but the only one who can bring all the instruments together to make beautiful music.

You are well-rounded, full of knowledge, and eternally curious.  You love talking to strangers about everyday things but will need more assistance from Mercury to approach heavier topics—especially with loved ones.


Geminis are very intuitive when it comes to those they love.  Because you speak to people on their own terms, you can move from business to casual tones and back, seamlessly.

You are an expert at picking up both verbal and non-verbal cues.  You intuitively communicate with people who do not speak your language.  You love to bridge gaps between groups of people.


You make a great long-term partner because you are very easygoing.  You make friends almost everywhere you go.   Men are drawn to your natural effervescence.  Women are drawn to your humor and approachability.

Mercury in Gemini Men

Mercurial Gemini Men can read as insincere or jumpy, at times.  Once you get to know this guy, you will be able to sense tension when it is in his voice.  These men try to hold their cards close to the chest, but Mercury always forces the truth out of them.

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They may also just seem jumpy because they are never fully at rest.  This man is ready to roll at any given time.  Most Geminis love adventure and keep a bag packed for last-minute weekend trips.

These men play down their emotions, when they can, as to seem less vulnerable.  Mercury aids in fashioning ‘the self’ for others to view—but remember, truth never stays hidden for long with the talkative Mercury hanging around. A vulnerability can also be seen as positive, to potential love interests.

These men find fulfilling positions in jobs where they interact with people.  You may focus on public relations, work as a security guard, or serve as a spokesmodel for your employer.  You always have a smile on when dealing with clients.

You have so many talents to capitalize on, Gemini.  Mercury enters your sign to help encourage your artistic endeavors.  Do not let Mercury in Retrograde depress you.  Simply recognize its presence and keep moving ahead.

Do not lose focus, Gemini.  Talk to loved ones who know how to create structure and daily routines.  You may have a friend who has a Virgo Star Sign, Moon Sign, or Mercury in Virgo.  These people love to give friends makeovers and life hacks.

You can lean on your friends.  Mercury will help you learn through the mistakes of others.  You do not always have to learn your lessons the hard way, Gemini.  Let Mercury calm your unease with some moral support.

Mercury and Gemini in Love

Your best prospects for love are Aquarius, Leo, and Libra, with Mercury.  You would also get along well with Aries, in most cases.  Their fiery nature might be too intense for you, depending on their Star Sign.

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Mercury favors the outgoing, and the Mercurial Aquarius could be your soulmate.  You two will give each other plenty of space and alone time, along with an understanding of what these things are important to your mental health.

The Aquarius is as open-minded as they come, so approach them for advice when Mercury is in their sign.  During Mercury’s Retrograde, however, try not to bring drama to this person.  They will instantly cut you off once you have reached the tolerable amount of whininess.

Leo, with Mercury’s help, will be an open and honest lover.  Leos can be deceptive without malice, so take care not to end up in their blind spot, emotionally.  In Mercury’s Retrograde, you may not feel heard.  Things will change in a few days or weeks, and you will find yourself communicating more clearly, once again.

Mercurial Libras are sexually compatible with your sign.  However, you may feel overwhelmed by the Libra’s energy.  You two will experience a stall in conversation during Retrogrades of your Ruling planet, Mercury.  Mercury tells you that sex is not enough, but that this broken line of communication also severs all hopes of a future commitment.

Your worst prospects for love are found in Cancer.  You have respect for their skills at turning a house into a home.  Unfortunately, this homebody will want you parked on the couch, next to them.  Cancers are not social creatures like you are.  You long for discussion, while they long for peace and quiet.

Dates for the Mercury in Gemini

Mercury will be in Retrograde 4 times in 2017.  These periods include January 1st-9th, April 9th-May 3rd, August 13th-September 5th, and December 3rd-23rd.  These times should all be used as times of reflection, planning, and personal preparations for the year ahead.

When Mercury is in Retrograde, especially in your Sign, you should use the time for personal reflection.  Prepare mentally for this time feeling sluggish, and less productive than normal.  Plan to use your spare time, during Retrogrades, to mentally address the problems that you have had on a back burner for a while.

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You can get along with lots of different types of people.  This is partly in thanks to your Gemini sign, and the love of communication seen in your Sign’s symbol, the Twins.  You also like to chat with people because of Mercury’s talkative nature.

The need to interact with others is deep-seeded in you.  Woe to the person who interrupts your monolog.  You do not tolerate people who are sloppy or careless with their words.  You value concise and direct speech.

Final Thoughts

You have a gifted way with language.  You are a great poet, you love word-play and crossword puzzles, and even know some foreign language(s).  You are the Zodiac symbol of communal ideas and communication.  Your Ruler, Mercury, adds to your powerful speech.

Take inventory of your happiness.  What are you missing?  Is it something you can ask for?  Gemini, you must have the toughest of conversations with your own subconscious.

Mercury will help you learn more about yourself, through reflection on your actions and your impact on the world around you.  The more you study your own astrology charts, the more self-aware you will become.  The more self-aware you become, the more self-sufficient you are in coping.

Analyze your current coping mechanisms.  Note if the majority use humor or a negative emotion.  Take stock of where you are directing all your energy.  If you notice you spend too much time and/or energy in one area of your life, seek ways to restore balance.

A Question for You, Dear Gemini:

If you could borrow the communication skills of any Star Sign, along with the help of Mercury, whose would you choose?

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