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Mars in Gemini

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Mars in Gemini is extra help for your Masculine Fire and Air energies, enabling you to multitask with added efficiency.  You are ruled by Mercury, and Gemini is symbolized by the Twins, showing the duality of your true self.  You have a public self and a private self—these manifest in each Gemini’s life.

Mars in Gemini Traits

You have a strong sense of humor and a magnetic personality.  Mars in Gemini also gives you strength—emotionally and physically.  You are aggressive in attacking problems and will be extra fierce under the influence of Mars.  Be aware of your temper—and also how you feel after you lose it—because the duality of your nature can be torturous, under the wrong conditions.

Mars in Gemini Women

Women with Mars in Gemini are keen observers.  You do not miss a thing.  In this way, your two sides play the roles of thief and the takes-one-to-know-one who can catch him.  Instead of being seen as two-faced, allow your true colors to shine through.  When you share your struggle with others, they will recognize your honesty—which was enabled by a borrowed boost from Mars in Gemini.


You are sexy as hell, and mysterious, too.  You have no problem making the first move, and also appreciate the guts it takes for someone to approach you.  You can come across as intimidating, but those who know you best know that the private-you is just the soft and sweet thing that lives in the hard shell of public-you.

Know that you are desirable and worthy of love, no matter how much you dislike what you call your dark side.  Recognize your unease with aspects of your personality and address with tact, as you would any other problem.  You are open to change, so you already have that going for you, and Mars in Gemini will aid you in demanding and commanding respect.


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You will find love and fulfillment when you recognize that respect and love are reciprocal—they have two ends.  Just as you have two sides, this is a positive.  Do not label yourself as broken or split, for Twins are a pair.  They come together to form a larger whole, and Mars in Gemini wants to power this unification of self for you.

Mars in Gemini Men

Men with Mars in Gemini are social creatures—not always the loudest in the room, but they always find someone to talk to.  This guy is well-known, well-connected, and well-respected.  He is a gentleman and knows how to treat a lady.  Once committed, he is not likely to leave you, but understand that his dual nature will, at times, be a bit hard to swallow.


This man may seem withholding, and he probably is.  Especially in the first stages of a relationship, he may be afraid to reveal his private thoughts, for fear of scaring you off.  Once you prove to a Gemini man that you are there for the long-term, come what may, he will throw his caution to the wind for you and open up emotionally.

Mars and Gemini in Love

Mars and Gemini in Love will speak their mind.  A Gemini is not one to hold their tongue, so when in love and war, you sure know how to use words to your advantage.  You have a leg up on any partner who does not have the same skill set, so be careful what you say to others.  Your words are probably capable of cutting deeper than you realize.

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Understand that your search for love and fulfillment needs to start with the self.  The public-you and the private-you self.  Merge the two together in your mind, and ask what purpose the mental separation is serving.  Are you hiding a drug habit or secret affair—or is your secret more of a sneak-a-cigarette-when-the-kid-goes-to-bed type offense?

You will benefit from analyzing the relationship between your own symbolic Twins in your personality before inviting a romantic partner into your life, long-term.  This sounds like an eternally excruciating process, but you will find that Mars in Gemini will clear some things up for you, and help you better articulate your need and wants to your loved ones.

Your best prospects for love are with a partner who can keep you mentally and emotionally stimulated and feel secure.  The homebody aspect of a caring Cancer might appeal most to you.  You may also find harmony in a home with a fellow Air sign—Aquarius or Libra.  These two signs are also open-minded and spiritual and love to question and discuss life’s big topics.

Your worst prospects for love are with a partner who fails to recognize the beauty in your duality.  A harsh, demanding Virgo will not understand your needs to travel, try hard things, or let things play out.  Likewise, as much as you might love home life with a Cancer, once you want to step out for a minute, they can get too clingy for you.

Dates for Mars in Gemini

Mars enters Gemini on April 21st.  Be sure to use this window until to June 4th, to utilize the help and strength on loan to you, care of Mars in Gemini.Use this time and strength to carry out the plans your two halves have been debating.  Take decisive, swift, and confident action, with Mars in Gemini.  You can do it.

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Final Thoughts

At first, you may seem content without a partner, because you are so self-reliant.  From the outside looking in, you have your life together, and many envy you.  You have style, humor, and plenty of sexual energy that definitely gets you noticed.  Strike while the iron is hot—even if you do not feel as confident as you look, others seem to buy it—so take that new kickass job, give yourself a morning to drink whiskey with your coffee at Saturday brunch, and always speak your most difficult truths when Mars is in Gemini to hold you up.

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