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A Guide to Gemini and Sagittarius Compatibility

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gemini sagittarius compatibility 2014When it comes to compatibility between Gemini and Sagittarius signs there are a lot of yths that need to be set straight.

Often people assume (wrongly) that because a Sagittarius is involved everything will be smooth sailing and great compatibility will instantly happen.

In this expert guide I will reveal everything you need to know to help improve your relationship, marriage or friendships that involve Gemini and Sagittarius.


Whilst it is true that Sagittarius is one of the most easy going and highly compatible of the all the star signs this generalisation is of course a stereotype.

Not all Sagittarius signs are easy to get along with and this is especially true in a match between Gemini and Sagittarius in 2014.


Not all people born under Sagittarius have a pleasant and congenial personality. Still on the whole, you can pair almost all the horoscope signs with Sagittarius and have a fairly smooth relationship. That’s just how easy going Sagittarius are.

In fact, it’s not hard for Sagittarius to make friends with any sign.


When you pair up Gemini with Sagittarius it can make for a really fun time.

Geminis are known for being open minded, fun and spontaneous and this mixes well and blends well with Sagittarius personality.

Considering the easy going nature of Sagittarius and the fun seeking nature of Gemini, compatibility between these signs is usually good. It’s always been good and will continue to be good in 2014.

However, as I keep mentioning when it comes to Gemini and love in 2014, this year is going to present some serious issues when it comes to relationships, financial issues and general compatibility.

2014 is a year of challenges for Gemini – particularly Gemini women.

As easy going and as pleasant as the Gemini and Sagittarius pairing may be you should expect some turbulence in the relationship.

However, the good news is that Gemini and Sagittarius have enough positive traits and good sides to them that this pairing whether on a friendship or romantic level will survive and in fact, do quite well in 2014.

Gemini and Sagittarius Love Matches

The first aspect of Gemini and Sagittarius compatibility that I want to discuss is the potential for love compatibility between these two signs.

There is a lot to love about the Gemini. There is something appealing and downright sexy about their open mindedness. They make great partners and they are expert lovers.

When it comes to Gemini and Sagittarius sexual compatibility what makes Gemini a great lover is that with them it’s not just physical ability and not just physical attractiveness.

It goes deeper than that. Gemini is appealing and attractive because of the emotional component they bring to the relationship.

They can really make a Sagittarius feel emotionally at ease. It’s not hard for them to create an emotional bond especially during times of intense physical arousal.

Gemini is not just great with words – they actually follows through with his or her words. This makes Gemini a great love match for people born under Sagittarius who know how to handle a Gemini.

What is the catch? Gemini can get bored with a Sagittarius really quickly especially if they become boring. If you like your relationship to be fairly stable and unchanging, that could drive the Gemini nuts.

This doesn’t mean that Gemini cannot be faithful. What this means is that they like variety in a relationship. This is the main reason that Gemini and Pisces matches often run into trouble – Pisces just is not spontaneous enough for their Gemini partner. Sagittarius should take note of this to make sure that they do not fall into the same trap!

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In fact it is not just Sagittarius that needs to know this about the Gemini personality traits. Anybody who pairs up with a Gemini man or woman must know this fact or else their relationship will become dull and lifeless.

Worse still, the relationship can head downhill quickly.

In a match with Gemini, Sagittarius on the other hand, can pretty much mix with anybody and in terms of love matches and this is no exception when it comes to Gemini.

Sagittarius is so even tempered that even seemingly bipolar Gemini personality changes don’t faze the Sagittarius. In fact, Sagittarius can easily laugh off or talk through Gemini’s mood swings.

In a strange way this makes Sagittarius even more attractive to Gemini. Considering how well the Sagittarius gets along with almost everybody, Gemini is sure to have great love partner and emotional confidant when it comes to the Sagittarius sign.

In terms of love matches, there’s not going to be many unpleasant surprises with this match in 2014 – unlike with the match between Gemini and Taurus in 2014!

Gemini Men and Sagittarius Women

If there’s going to be any opportunity for misunderstanding between Gemini and Sagittarius, it would have to be in terms of the match between a Gemini man and Sagittarius woman.

Everybody is different in terms of  what I like to call “love language” and this is really apparent when it comes to the match between these two in a romantic relationship.

Just remember that we show our affection in different ways and this is especially true when it comes to Gemini males and Sagittarius female matches.

gemini compatibility matches 2014There are four major love languages.

There are people who like to show their care and affection by verbalizing. These are people who verbally encourage and affirm other people by saying ‘I love you’ ‘I appreciate you’. They express how they feel about that other person. In return, they want other people to verbally affirm them as well. That’s how love languages work.

If your love language is a certain way, you want your love partner to affirm you in that particular way as well. The second love language is acts or talks much, but you express your love and concern by doing things, by being there, by helping, by sacrificing, by going the extra mile. The third love language is the giver. This person love giving gifts.

These gifts don’t have to cost a lot of money. These gifts don’t have to be extravagant. However, these gifts are small tokens that shows that this person cares. When this person goes to another country or another town, this person is always sure to bring back a gift to the most important person in that person’s life.

Finally, the fourth love language is physical touch. This person isn’t big on words. This person isn’t big on gifts or acts of service. However, you need to be in physical touch with this person. This person expresses his or her concern by hugging, by embracing, by putting her arm on your shoulder

Any small physical tokens of affection is how this person shows concern and love. The fifth love language is quality time. This is all about spending time with somebody. This is all about making sure that the special person in your life has your undivided attention.

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Regardless of what love language you subscribe to, you have to receive that love language and that is where the potential conflict between Gemini and Sagittarius can be.

Gemini can be quite emotionally needy. So if they cannot clearly communicate their love language to their partner and doesn’t get that love language back, then they would feel alone.

Once Gemini feels alone, this can trigger other things and there might be an emotional change that can cause disruptions to the relationship.

Sagittarius gets along well with everybody, but most developed Sagittarius signs know how to “mirror” their Gemini partner.

So if the Sagittarius sees that their Gemini partner has a certain love language, they should mirror that love language and the Gemini would be satisfied.

However, if you’re dealing with an immature Sagittarius, they would be so focus on getting along that they would forget to pick up on clues and not give out the proper love language.

The solution for improved love compatibility between Sagittarius and Gemini is to communicate clearly. Don’t be shy telling your partner what exactly you want.

Sexual Compatibility between Gemini and Sagittarius

As mentioned above, sex between these two signs can be quite intense, pleasurable and fulfilling. Gemini is quite well known as being open minded and even downright kinky.

It’s not uncommon for many Gemini women to be misunderstood as bisexual. That’s how open minded they can be.

Sagittarius is also pretty open and pretty easy going.

However, the problem with sexual compatibility between these signs lies with Sagittarius.

Why? Sagittarius has a limit and often times the Gemini would often carry itself in such a way that it would appear that the Gemini has no limits. This can cause serious problems for the sexual compatibility between Gemini and Sagittarius.

My advice once again for both Sagittarius  and Gemini is communication.

As long as the partners communicate clearly what the boundaries of their sexual life will be, everything will be okay. It’s all about clear communications and being happy with each others expectations.

Sagittarius Should Accept Gemini

This flows with the previous discussion in that Sagittarius has fixed boundaries.

The good news is that the Gemini can work with Sagittarius to kind of broad in these boundaries a bit.

As long as it doesn’t involve unfaithfulness, emotional betrayal or anything that would truly undermine the relationship. Sagittarius could be persuaded in baby steps to get to where the Gemini needs to go.

Again, as mentioned earlier as well, Gemini signs hate when things gets stuck in boring patterns. Their sex life is no exception. If Sagittarius wants to have a long, lasting and meaningful relationship with a Gemini, they must broaden their horizons. This applies to everything in the relationship including of course, sex.

Gemini Sagittarius Friendship Compatibility

When it comes to non romantic relationships between Gemini and Sagittarius, Gemini is often misunderstood. Gemini is often seen as a betrayer or as untrustworthy or as being “flaky”.

This is a most unfair reflection on the Gemini personality because in my experience nothing could be further from the truth.

The reality is that Gemini signs are complete people. If you are friends with a Gemini, look at that person from all angles. If you don’t, you are basically setting yourself up for disappointment.

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Why? Gemini can present one side of his or her personality most of the time.

However, when triggered, a different aspect of their personality comes out. In fact, this can be so dramatic and so substantial that would be tempting to conclude that the Gemini is bipolar or crazy or schizophrenic.

The truth is, that side of the personality has been there all along, you just weren’t looking.

This is one of the key elements of a happy and fulfilling Gemini and Sagittarius relationship.

Sagittarius must make efforts to fully know all sides to his or her Gemini friend or partner. Otherwise, there could be trouble down the road.

Sagittarian Superficiality and Gemini Double Mindedness

One of the most common situations that really test Sagittarius and Gemini relationships is the conflict between common personality types exhibited by these horoscope signs.

Sagittarius can be superficial. Gemini can be two minded and fickle.

Put these two together and you are sure to have very interesting times. You are sure to have lots of disruption. You are sure to have lots of quarrels. You are sure to have a lot of misunderstanding.

There is no such thing as a perfect horoscope sign and every horoscope sign has a good side and a bad side.

The good side of the Sagittarius is they pretty much can get along with everybody. The bad side is that they can be quite superficial.

Gemini can be emotionally intense, but the most irritating thing about them is that they can be double minded. This is especially true of individuals born on the Gemini Taurus Cusp. Sometimes you just don’t know where you stand sometimes with a Gemini. Put these two facts together and you might end up with a very irritating and depressing situation.

Sagittarius can get irritated with the fact that the Gemini can’t decide and they even seem like a traitor.

Gemini Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

When it comes to relationships between the Gemini woman and Sagittarius man things get really interesting.

If a Gemini woman wants to have a long and fulfilling relationship with a Sagittarius man, she needs to let go of her insecurities.

One of the biggest triggers for Gemini both men and women alike is insecurity. If the Gemini partner isn’t feeling loved or isn’t feeling cared for, this can trigger another part of the

Gemini’s personality to come to the forefront. Sagittarius can really go a long way in saving the relationship by being extra thoughtful about their Gemini partner. Gemini partner has a lot to offer.

Gemini woman personality types can be very open minded, fun, loving, caring, supportive and protective.The Sagittarius man’s job is to just fully know as much as possible about his Gemini partner.

Of course, no one can really fully know somebody else. We obviously have different minds. We have different backgrounds. Map out his partner and act accordingly.

The good news is that the Sagittarius man has the skills needed to get along well with Gemini woman. The same cannot be said of other horoscope of men from other horoscope signs.

In my opinion the Gemini and Sagittarius pairing can be a match made in heaven, there’s no doubt about it. All it’s needed is a clear channel of communications for compatibility between these two signs to really take off.

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