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Gemini and Virgo Compatibility

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gemini virgo compatibility 2014Gemini and Virgo compatibility on paper looks like a perfect match up. Why? They both like emotional authenticity. Nothing turns on the Virgo more than a Gemini that is really in touch with themselves.

Virgo likes to look at the world in terms of black and white. Virgo is all about perfection and ideals. Gemini on the other hand is all about exploration, about spontaneity and fun.

On paper, this looks like a match made in heaven that should make for amazing compatibility between the Gemini and Virgo.


However, looking beneath the surface, there may be trouble ahead. Keep reading.

Gemini and Virgo Friendship Compatibility

Virgo is one of the most introverted signs of the horoscope. Virgo is all about emotional authenticity. This is precisely why Virgo would find Gemini a great friend.


Gemini signs are very open-minded. They tend to feel out in the open. They tend to think with their feelings. They are touchy-feely. This is the main reason that I believe that Gemini will find love. They are very open to all sorts of possibilities and in the Virgo’s eyes this level of openness is the peak of emotional authenticity. This is a key strength of the friendship compatibility between the Virgo and Gemini signs.

However the problem is that being open-minded doesn’t necessarily mean being emotionally authentic.


Emotional authenticity is all about honesty. Gemini may be pushed to be broadminded, but due to different reasons. It’s very easy for the Virgo to imagine things in their friendship with Gemini that are not there.

It’s easy for the Virgo to put motivations behind people’s actions and personalities that don’t exist. Sadly, Virgo feels let down and betrayed when these turned out not to be true. Gemini on the other hand is left scratching his or her head and asking what happened to his or her friendship with a Virgo when Gemini was just being honest. See the problem?

Virgo can be quite a handful when it comes to Gemini and Virgo friendship compatibility and both signs should tread carefully to maintain a positive relationship.

Gemini and Virgo Marriage Compatibility

Just like with any horoscope signs, if two people with different signs get together and they are mature, they can get along well. It doesn’t really matter which signs match up as long as they have fully developed personalities according to their horoscope signs. If this is the case for Gemini and Virgo then there are no reasons that they cannot get along quite well and be considered to have good compatibility for marriage.

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The problem is when you have an unpolished Gemini with an immature Virgo getting married. It’s always a bad idea for immature people to marry. You shouldn’t marry when you’re emotionally immature. You shouldn’t marry when you are mentally immature. It doesn’t make any sense.

You are just buying into a lot of problems.

Does it mean that your marriage will necessarily fail? Absolutely not. You can still mature in your relationship. However, it will take a little bit longer, just like the compatibility between Gemini and Aries.

It will also be a little bit harder on both of your nerves. Don’t get me wrong, Gemini and Virgo can become very good marriage partners. Why? Virgo can be very supportive of Gemini’s open-minded and touchy-feely personality and Gemini can be very emotionally supportive of the Virgo.

This really can be a marriage made in heaven.

However, when the undeveloped sides of these astrological signs get together in a marriage, it can be a serious headache. Gemini can be too unreliable and fickle. Virgo can be too rigid. It can end up with both partners pointing at each other and saying that they stab each other in the back. Flexibility and communication are the keys to good marriage compatibility between Gemini and Virgo.

Problems with Gemini and Virgo Compatibility

Virgo is very easy to figure out when it comes to compatibility. You just have to feed Virgo the picture of the world that Virgo secretly or publicly subscribes to. That’s it, that’s the secret to Virgo. Virgos are all about ideals. They are all about looking at the world the way it should be instead of the way the world is.

Gemini can play this game really well because Gemini tends to change. They can be chameleons. The problem is when you have a Gemini that is beginning to mature and has a tough time trying to be a chameleon and having two faces, explosions can occur between Gemini and Virgo matches. Why?

Virgo’s idealistic view of the world blows up into a million tiny pieces because Gemini lays it down the line. Gemini just gives their Virgo a friend or partner a reality check that the Virgo could not recover from.

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That is the ultimate compatibility problem between Gemini and Virgo. It doesn’t matter whether they’re friends, sexual partners, business partners or in love. This is one of the biggest issues that Virgo and Gemini can have.

Gemini Zodiac Sign and Virgo Compatibility

Gemini compatibility with Virgo is all about whose vision of the world would rule, whose vision would govern the relationship.

The problem is, this is the conventional way of defining certain relationships. You cannot do this with Gemini zodiac sign and a Virgo relationship. The better approach would be to look at different aspects of their personalities that can complement each other.

If one of them has a clue and is mature enough and sees this, then the relationship can survive. Gemini and Virgo can get along quite well. However, if Virgo is very rigid and Gemini doesn’t see this, it can spell all sorts of problems. Virgo can be quite stubborn. Gemini on the other hand can be quite treacherous, hurtful and mean. Not a good combination and certainly not a good mix for compatibility between Gemini and Virgo.

Instead of both friends pulling each other up, they end up undermining each other and dragging each other down. It’s not uncommon to hang up on the phone after two hours talking with a Virgo friend and feel completely drained.

Virgo Perfection versus Gemini Realism

As mentioned above, it’s very easy for a Gemini to make Virgo’s life hell. How? Just give them a reality check. The reality check is the antidote to Virgo inflexibility.

Unfortunately, if you love the Virgo in your life and you respect them, you don’t give them a reality check in one massive serving.

You can do it, but you could say goodbye to that relationship. You could say goodbye to that Virgo lover or friend. If you want to help your Virgo friend to grow up a little bit, then you have to give them little doses of reality.

Gemini on the other hand can be very fickle and unpredictable, especially when it comes to Gemini men in love. They can be very supportive one moment and all of a sudden they get triggered to just being mean and over bearing. This is precisely the problem with Virgo and Gemini.

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Gemini can suddenly snap and just tell the Virgo partner ‘how it is’ Virgo, being a typical Virgo can’t handle it and lets go of the friendship or love relationship.

Don’t Confuse Gemini Doubts with Betrayal

Virgos like to paint the world in terms of black and white. You either my friend or you’re my enemy. You either right or you’re wrong. The problem is the world isn’t black and white.

They are lots of grays. In fact, there’s millions of colors in the world. This is what makes life fun. This is what makes being imperfect challenging and enjoyable. That’s what we are, we are human beings. We are imperfect.

Unfortunately, Virgo doesn’t want to live in that world. They like to live in a world where it’s safe, where there are certain spots for people and you know the Virgo likes to mentally move people around in this chessboard in his or her mind because it makes them feel safe.

Unfortunately, Virgos can sometimes feel that Gemini’s are traitors.

They think that when a Gemini friend doubts certain things, to a Virgo that says all of a sudden the Gemini is betraying them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The reality is one of the great things about Gemini is that you can look at different things at many different angles. This makes Gemini’s great lawyers. This makes Gemini’s great business people. Unfortunately, this is not so good when it comes to Virgo and Gemini compatibility.

You have to feed Virgo a certain line or a certain angle or else they might think that you’re betraying them. They might think that you are purposely trying to undermine them. As a result especially in a work setting, Gemini doubts are often confused and misinterpreted by Virgo as undermining and backstabbing.

Gemini and Virgo can become good friends, can become great lovers and can become great partners in marriage too. With that said, it all depends on the level of maturity of these partners. There are great things about Gemini personality. There are amazing things about Virgo personality.

However, if you get two people with really undeveloped or immature aspects of their personalities and these aspects clash against each other, they can be quite an explosive situation and does not really make for good compatibility between Gemini and Virgo in general.


  1. thatgalsusy

    April 22, 2015 at 9:17 am

    Thiiiiiiiis is soooo waack. who ever wrote this makes Virgo look weak and sensitive with a pink outlook on life. As if we are immature and don’t know reality. We are realistic, we dont sugar coat shit, virgo signs are known to be cold and blunt so i don’t feel like we are sensitive as your describing the virgo to be. (I wonder if a Gemini wrote this) Yes we love to treat the world as it should be, but we do not lose sigh of what it really is.Virgos dont live in a world where its safe, is why we have so much anxiety and seem nervous and as for virgos moving people around in a chessboard its sort of feels like as if your describing them as insecure, as if we have to imagine to check mate people to feel better or feel safe about ourselves hahaha man to each their own. but i did not like this post, Virgos look wack af

    • jimmy

      May 13, 2015 at 4:31 pm

      im a Gemini and I attract virgo’s easily but I will say you guys can give but you can not take at all…especially in a battle of wits. My virgo friends cannot take because I will check them fiercely, and they just shut down. Both signs have mercury minds, and virgos have a impeccable memory something Geminis don’t have however as far as word play goes you guys will always lose and they cant take being that virgos like to give.

      • thatgalsusy

        May 13, 2015 at 6:27 pm

        Okay Gemini hahah. I don’t really have Gemini friends. Their too self righteous for me. They can’t have someone smarter than themselves, because they will attack. Always want to win.
        Too superficial qualities in people and in relationships because they feel that this is where they can thrive. That’s unrealistic to me.
        But then again I am a Virgo we are critical in the ppl we keep around.
        I’ve never been checked by a Gemini your guys double personality and stereotype fails to impress me Doesn’t seem to cut it.
        Although you guys are pretty darn smart, you’re not right all the time. Let the egoist go Gemini.

        • jimmy

          May 14, 2015 at 12:45 pm

          Sounds more like you read that vs. experienced it for yourself… However gems do have “double personalities” don’t we all? guess that’s exactly what makes us egotist, we can do and mode ourselves to do anything we are a great mimic just like virgos. Im not sure about the gems who surround themselves with people who are dumb just to make themselves feel better. I love intelligent people and if you are not I cannot have an relationships with you(self-righteous maybe) at all. I don’t just go around checking people. I did not mean it like that. I hate to hurt peoples feelings we are the lovers but the opposite of love is hate. So im always careful as to what I say to anyone. I learned that very young. virgos pay to much attention to the details, in my opinion in search for the truth but you guys have no filter. Must be that not sugar coating thing. You guys will say exactly what is on your mind and that’s cool but when the table turns the virgos i know are completely over it because they are sensitive and become disconcerted in an instant. its not personal just what i have found to be true. and they will cut you off because they hate to be told the honest God truth because they strive to be perfect so pointing out my (v) friends flaws is unbearable. then their is conflict

          • thatgalsusy

            May 15, 2015 at 12:11 am

            I dont have alot of Gemini friends but i do have some, so no i didn’t read it, I’m basing this of my past experiences.
            Yeah your right Virgos don’t have filter, and we do say whats on our minds.
            How you think i got here hahahahha.

            But Geminis always do want to be right . You guys cant have someone smarter then you or you’ll want to attack
            How you think YOU got here? hahhahah
            I am not trying to low ball Geminis its just an opinion.
            I don’t get how someone can be Blunt but turn sensitive when the tables turn.
            I’m not that type of Virgo, if anything I would want people to tell me the honest brutal truth, because in the end the truth is all were seeking for.

          • jimmy

            May 15, 2015 at 9:41 pm

            lol I still don’t know about smarter. I will say we love to argue, we love good debates it increases our knowledge …so a defeat just makes us(me) better, but actually not being able to be around people who are smarter or we will attack is not true. I will say I hate being around people who aren’t humble enough to know that knowledge is not wisdom. Giving attitude and being disrespectful (saying what’s on your mind) is not smart to me. That’s a smart dummy who truly knows nothing. I love people in general I don’t discriminate at all. My family and best friends tell me i have to many friends. They dont love me because i sit around and attack them but because i am genuine and charming. But what I found is that most my virgo friends don’t really have a lot of friends or a big circle at all. because like you said you guys are very critical of the people that you keep around. I believe gems are a little more open minded when it comes to people in general. We just hop from place to place &people to people to know more if you dont have an understanding of this and are the possessive type you will feel some type of way. okay im done i can go on and get off topic my bad

  2. Khristy P

    October 6, 2015 at 3:26 am

    Well thanks, article, for making me feel stupid for being a Virgo… I feel like half of this is literally talking about the Virgo’s faults and encouraging the Gemini to leave the relationship. :/ I can’t be the only person that sees this…

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