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Gemini and Taurus Marriage Compatibility

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gemini taurus marriage compatibility 2014

There’s a lot to be said about Gemini and Taurus compatibility when it comes to relationships and romance in 2016.  One of the most common questions I get asked each week is actually about Gemini and Taurus marriage compatibility. In my experience the combination of a Gemini and a Taurus is actually a complementary one so this should be good news to you if you are considering starting a relationship with either sign in the coming months of 2016.

The thing that makes the match between Gemini and Taurus work so well is that both signs tend to compensate for each other’s weaknesses, and they support each other’s strengths. This is the reason that people born on the Gemini Taurus cusp tend to be such well rounded people and good to be around.


The Gemini can be good like this when it comes to dealing with other people’s weaknesses. The Gemini is a master chameleon. If you tend to look at the world in a very pessimistic way, the Gemini can see right through that and can change what she is saying so it fits how you look at things.

If you are an optimistic person, on the other hand, the Gemini can do the same thing. That’s how awesome the Gemini is in terms of getting along with people. They can map people’s mind-sets and mirror back to them what the other person wants to hear.


Also, Gemini tends to be emotionally in tune with the world (especially the personality of the Gemini woman). They tend to think in emotional terms.

I’m not of course talking about being overly emotional like a Pisces but more of looking at the world in terms of an emotional idealism.


The Taurus, on the other hand, is really concerned about appearances. The Taurus is very big on being looked upon as respectable. The Taurus is all about social status.

The Taurus is all about being perceived as a good person. Of course, there is a big difference between perception and reality and depending on how you play your cards, Gemini and Taurus matches in 2016 can lead to great things, or it can lead to heartbreak and trouble.

It all depends on how mature both partners are and more importantly, what aspects of their personalities they tend to emphasize. So how does this all bode for the marriage compatibility between Gemini and Taurus in 2016? Well I think it is best to let you read my thoughts on this subject and then decide for yourself.

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Let’s start at the start.

Gemini and Taurus Matches In 2016

According to my research there are a lot of opportunities in 2016 for Gemini and Taurus to get together in a good and positive relationship.

One obvious and common place for romance to blossom between these two signs is of course is the workplace.

If there is a situation where there is a Gemini spokesperson or a Gemini in charge of public affairs or public relations and a Taurus manager, this can lead to a great work partnership. This can also lead to situations where they might open up to each other and there might be some sort of romantic compatibility.

Another fairly common Gemini and Taurus match up situation is when they are in school. There’s nothing like being cooped up in one room for several hours everyday for people to naturally break up into smaller groups. Once you break up into these groups, there will always be a leader and there will always be followers.

Pay attention to how the Taurus tries to lead the group. Depending on how the Gemini responds to this leadership, there might be an opportunity here for great friendships and possibly interesting romances.

Problems with Gemini and Taurus Compatibility

Taurus signs like to be in control and more often than not the Taurus likes to be perceived to be in control. The reality is that the Taurus can be quite insecure. This is a similar problem that I often see in matches between Gemini and Pisces signs.

There are internal debates raging within the Taurus’s heart. This can be due to early-childhood trauma. This could be due to a traumatic relationship. This can be due to many different factors.

Regardless, the Taurus is all about projecting strength. It is fair enough to say that the Taurus has a very strong personality, but it can be pushed by the engine of self-doubt, internal conflicts and oftentimes guilt.

When you match this up with a Gemini’s tendency to turn on you and also to be “fake” or to be irresponsible or procrastinate, this can lead to serious misunderstandings if not outright trouble.

With that said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Gemini and Taurus can’t go along or shouldn’t be in any type of relationships and it doesn’t mean that they are not a good match in marriage.

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As long as both signs know their boundaries they can get on quite well in most relationships.

In a work environment, the Taurus and the Gemini can be a winning team. Why? The Gemini can be the public face. The Taurus can be the manager or the mastermind and things will work quite well.

What makes this such a great combination is that you can flip the script and have the Gemini be the mastermind, and the Taurus be the public face, and it would still work just as well. That’s why this type of combination is great.

As long as everybody knows their personality range and the Taurus takes some time to really know the Gemini, things should go well between the two.

Sexual compatibility between Gemini and Taurus

The Taurus is one of the most attractive signs in the horoscope. People born under the Taurus tend to look good. Even if they aren’t physically attractive, the way they carry themselves tends to draw attention.

How many times have you seen a woman that doesn’t really look that attractive at least in terms of the length of her nose, the size of her eyes, the shape of her face or her body shape but just the way she carries herself, the way she talks, and that air about her that drives you crazy with lust?

That’s the mystique that Taurus people tend to have.

Gemini, on the other hand, really gets turned on by novelty. They don’t like being bored. They like things that will change. They like things that are a little bit off. They like things that are unconventional.

As long as the Taurus knows this then the Gemini sex partner will never leave the Taurus. Why? Because the Taurus is good at really putting all his effort into a project that needs to be done and if that project is about spicing up his or her sex life with a Gemini so be it.

Gemini Zodiac Sign and Taurus Compatibility

The secret to Gemini zodiac sign and Taurus compatibility is simple, know each other well enough to get out of each other’s way.

The Taurus can be quite explosive if you get on Taurus’s wrong side. However, a Taurus can be a very loyal friend if you get on the Taurus right side. It doesn’t take much effort to get on the right side of a Taurus. Give small gifts, be kind, be considerate, pay attention to what they are saying. Invest your time into what they are doing, and you will have a friend for life.

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The Gemini, on the other hand, can be easy to misunderstand. Why? The Gemini tends to have two spaces. A lot of people feel betrayed or tricked or lied to, but in reality, they just trick or lie to themselves.

Why? They didn’t take the time and effort to really know the Gemini. As long as you fully know the different aspects and predispositions of the Gemini, you can get along quite well with people born under the sign of the twins.

Avoiding Taurus Horns

A Taurus, as mentioned above, can be loyal. A Taurus can be reliable. A Taurus can be a great friend. There’s no doubt about that.

The problem is that the Taurus is also driven by internal conflicts. And oftentimes this internal conflict is expressed in the form of anger, rage and fear and worry. You have to avoid the Taurus horns. You have to be able to know how to support the Taurus without landing on the Taurus’s bad side.

If you try to nag or judge or insult the Taurus into changing, you are just wasting your time. The only thing you’re achieving is that this Taurus will try to gore you.

Of course, I’m talking about emotionally and maybe even psychologically not necessarily physically. Still, it’s a bad idea to get on the Taurus’s bad side.

The Gemini and the Taurus can make a great match if these things are taken into account.

It’s all about appealing to each other’s bright side. It’s all about enjoying the moment together and it’s all about working on the things you have in common and the common strength. If you play your cards right, everything will fall into place.

If you have taken the time to read this special analysis carefully and you take time to reflect on what I have said you will know if your heart if your Gemini Taurus compatibility is strong enough to survive the challenges of married life.

Think carefully on this before making any major decisions and as always please like, share and tweet with your friends 🙂

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