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Gemini and Pisces Compatibility

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gemini pisces compatibility 2014Analysis for Gemini and Pisces compatibility is one of the most misunderstood topics in the entire Zodiac. Just like with certain match ups in the horoscope, Gemini and Pisces on paper can get along quite well in a relationship match.

Gemini is famous for being open-minded, curious and liberal.

Pisces on the other hand, is known for being emotionally authentic and emotionally aware. Pisces can also be very artistic. Put these two together and you might have the potential for really great friendship and great relationship compatibility.


In my experience when it comes to Gemini and Pisces compatibility there is usually a situation where both partners fully support each other and nurture and encourage each other. These are the best relationships between these two signs.

However it is not always “Rose around the Door” for a match between Gemini and Pisces couples. The main problem between these two is that sometimes the dream doesn’t match up to reality. This is the exact same problem that wrecks most Gemini Capricorn relationships.


When it comes to Gemini and Pisces reality has its own rules. Things that might not look good in paper don’t always play out the same way in real life. This is definitely true when it comes to Gemini and Pisces compatibility.

If you are considering a romantic relationship that involves a Gemini Pisces partnership you should find this report extremely useful. Read it carefully and keep the following factors and trends in mind in the coming months.


Gemini and Pisces Friendship Compatibility

Let’s start at the beginning point of most relationships – a friendship. Just how well matched are Gemini and Pisces in a non-romantic friendship?

Well, in a stress free or relatively no stress environment, Gemini and Pisces as friends can get along really well.

Pisces can be very emotionally engaging. Gemini can be emotionally supportive and this does wonders for the friendship compatibility between the two.

When you put these two together, you can have a very emotionally nurturing relationship. Both Gemini and Pisces can have very deep talks with each other where you really know each other’s souls and you feel accepted and loved.

In this type of relationship it’s very easy to create a zone of complete and total compassion and acceptance between each other.

The problem is when Pisces becomes too emotional and this can have negative effects on the Gemini Pisces friendship. Let me explain.

The problem with Pisces personality types is they can get quite clingy. They can get quite emotionally dependent. When matched with the Gemini personality traits and characteristics there can be real problems.

The problem with Gemini in a friendship with Pisces is that they continuously change. It only takes certain triggers and you see a different aspect of Gemini personality.

Although we are not talking about bipolar person here the reality is that this aspect of their personality can make a Pisces question whether they know the person at all.

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Pisces can get so focused on the main aspect of the Gemini personality that they lose sight of that other side to them.

Well let me promise you this – at some point you will see that side to your Gemini friend and it might not be a good thing if you’re a Pisces and you’re emotionally vulnerable.

This is where Pisces and Gemini friendships can fall apart.

In my experience it’s all about drawing certain boundaries.

If you both Gemini and Pisces know how to draw these boundaries properly and you setup these rules, your friendship can sustain you for life. Why? You have a lot to work with.

Pisces is very emotional. Gemini can be very nurturing. Pisces can be emotionally nurturing and honest.

If all these traits and characteristics are put together, and both people have enough depth, then you can expect to have a very meaningful and enriching friendship for a long time to come.

The problem is these emotional triggers. The key to making a Gemini Pisces friendship last for the long term is managing these emotional triggers and for Gemini that means reducing stress in the friendship.

Sexual compatibility between Gemini and Pisces

Let’s move on from friendship and get into the romantic and sexual compatibility between Gemini and Pisces.

Let me be extremely frank for a moment.

If you’re looking for hot sex, if you’re looking for really fulfilling sex that has a really healthy level of emotional input, you can’t go wrong with Gemini and Pisces match. Pisces expresses himself or herself sexually because there is an emotional release involved.

Pisces are very big on emotional connections. They are very big on emotional expression. Not only can they affirm and comfort you with their words, but they back it up with action.

If you’re looking for a partner that would lay down his or her life for you, you can’t go wrong with Pisces.

Gemini on the other hand, can be a lot of fun. Spontaneity is the Gemini’s middle name. So when it comes to sexual compatibility, if you’re looking for emotionally deep and fun sex, there’s nothing better than a match between Gemini and Pisces in the bedroom.

With that said, Gemini can change. That’s a key part of the Gemini personality (especially when it comes to the Gemini man and love).

They don’t like routine. They don’t like predictability.  So if things kind of fall into a pattern, Gemini would be the first to go. So keep that in mind especially if you are trying to seduce a Gemini man for a romantic relationship.

Pisces can keep sexual compatibility at a high and consistent level by mixing things up. Don’t get conventional. Don’t get too routine and try to spice things up and you are sure to maintain your Gemini partner’s attention.

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Gemini Zodiac Signs and Pisces Compatibility

As you should understand by now, Gemini can change quite a bit when it comes to their compatibility with Pisces signs.

It only takes few triggers and Gemini will be off on what seems like completely different direction. Pisces can get depressed when this happens. Pisces can feel really emotionally let down with the Gemini in their lives.

Although Pisces is not as bad of a drama king or queen as Virgo, Pisces can get a really bad case of the blues when they feel they are being messed about by their Gemini partner.

Pisces doesn’t necessarily look at this as a betrayal, but more of a deep and profound emotional loss.

If a Gemini really cares about Pisces friend or love partner, Gemini might want to ease up on changing their minds so much or on showing other side to themselves because you don’t want to shock your Pisces partner.

Your Pisces partner if you’re really honest is actually one of the best partners you would ever have. Why? This person is really emotionally giving and most importantly, draws a close emotional connection that can sustain you and help you mature.

It is a very powerful bond and you don’t want to lose that because you lost patience. You don’t want to lose that just because you feel constricted or the relationship seems boring. The saddest part of it is once you lose the Pisces, they are gone for good. You don’t want to live the rest of your life wondering about the one that got away.

Gemini Empathy and Pisces Emotional Debt

Pisces are about emotional authenticity. They are all about emotional intensity. Gemini on the other hand, tend to be emotional chameleons.

They like to have emotional map of the people around them and this allows them to be at ease. Geminis are also very open-minded and openhearted. Put these two together, they make great art together. Art is all about empathy. Art is all about emotional intensity. Art is definitely about emotional authenticity. Put all these together and you make great art. Whether you’re a singer, musician, DJ, painter, sculptor, you can make great art together.

Gemini Creativity and Pisces Passion

Pisces can be very passionate. What do you expect from a water sign that is really big on emotion? Don’t dismiss Pisces signs as completely emotional people who have no control when it comes to business. Don’t make that mistake and never make that mistake when it comes to Gemini Aquarius relationships either!

Pisces can get all-in to business and produce really good results. In fact, they can even produce better results than Taurus or Capricorn and these are quite formidable earth signs when it comes to business and careers.

Why? Pisces are all about passion. Pair these together with Gemini creativity and curiosity and you might have an unbeatable team. It’s not uncommon for work partnerships comprised of Gemini and Pisces to produce really great projects and reports.

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Gemini Flakiness and Pisces Procrastination

Perhaps my biggest tip for Gemini and Pisces compatibility is in regards to money and finances.

Read this next section carefully because without a doubt money and finances are the single biggest killers of Gemini and Pisces relationships in my experience.

As awesome as Pisces ideas may be and as passionately as they can get, Pisces also suffers from procrastination. In fact, this is the Achilles heel of Pisces.

There come many financial and business situations where the Pisces is paralyzed. They know that they need to get something done. They know they need file a report. They know they need to get work done by a certain date, but they can’t seem to get around to doing it.

Gemini can definitely identify with this. In fact, Gemini sympathize so much that if you put these two together, it’s a recipe for financial disaster.

Gemini signs can be extremely flaky too when it comes to managing money and finances.

It’s not uncommon for a Gemini to start a project with all guns blazing and on fire and full of passion and by the time the project gets closer to the finish line, Gemini basically just gives up.

This is fairly typical of Gemini signs so don’t get too surprised.

If you match up that together with Pisces procrastination, you might end up with financial meltdown with both partners pointing the finger at each other. My advice to couples in Gemini Pisces relationships is to keep on top of your debts and money at all times.

Often it is best if each person takes responsibility for their own financial affairs. That way there will be no room for either the Gemini or Pisces to blame each other for money troubles in their relationship.

Trust me when I say from experience that money and Gemini Pisces relationships simply do not mix!

Give Each Other Some Slack

If there’s any secret to Gemini and Pisces compatibility, it is this one rule: Give each other slack. If your Gemini partner is lazy, if your Gemini partner is flaky, give them some slack, but talk to him or her.

If the Pisces partner is emotionally needy or clingy, don’t give up on that person. That person is still maturing. That person still has a long way to go. The good news is that person is worth waiting for.

Once that person matures, you have a solid emotional partner that will love you, protect you, provide for you, sustain you, encourages you until you die. Together, Gemini and Pisces can make great music and can make an amazing life together – it all depends on how much you really want it.

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