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Mars in Capricorn

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Mars in Capricorn is all about business. Your Zodiac symbol, usually a mountain goat, shows how cautious and careful you are, while never losing your ambition to climb higher. You are known to be surefooted. Your Ruling Planet is associated with Fear and anxiety, while Mars in Capricorn helps you overcome your obstacles.

Mars in Capricorn Traits

You really shine when Mars visits Capricorn. You are a soulful, Earthy Sign, ruled by Saturn. Because of Saturn’s goal and result-oriented nature, Mars can effortlessly and seamlessly seem to add to your self-confidence and will to take action.

Mars in Capricorn Women

Women with Mars in Capricorn are energetic and strong-willed. You do not appreciate being told what to do or how to do it, as you favor finding your own way. While you do not like advice, you are movable when a strong argument is presented, and use reason rather than a just emotional response to approach problems, especially when Mars is in Capricorn.


While you make an amazing romantic partner and love to be doted on by your lover, you also have a wide independent streak. You are ambitious, but rather than mere wealth, you work towards total financial stability and security for your future and that of the ones you love. When you spend money, it is either on an outrageously expensive and lavish gift or a practical and unsentimental pack of socks or undershirts.

In love, you struggle to find fulfillment due to anxiety, insecurities, and the fear of the unknown. Be aware and take comfort from the fact that every human faces these feelings, to a degree. Plan for your future, and be sure to include your partner in your planning, if you want to keep them around long-term. You will be best able to articulate these plans and wishes eloquently with the confidence conferred to you by Mars in Capricorn.


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Mars in Capricorn Men

Men with Mars in Capricorn are ambitious, and usually hold positions of authority, public offices, and/or high-paying jobs. These business men do not play mental or emotional games in relationships because they take matters of the heart as seriously as their take financial security. To this man, being unreliable in a relationship is a deal-breaker, no matter how much he likes you.

A Man with Mars in Capricorn will be more likely than ever to do kind things for you. He is practical, and he may want to help you by paying a bill for you or fixing a broken (whatever-you-can-pretend-is-broken-just-to-ask-him-to-come-fix-i—well, anything, honestly. He can handle it, and he can also handle himself (and you) in the bedroom. So, you are in good hands if they are that of a Man with Mars in Capricorn.


His Ruling Planet, Saturn, and Mars combine for these men to be stronger than ever. This means he will work harder, be more efficient, and be more loving. Because Saturn Rules Outcomes, and Mars Rules Action, you can bet that this is a good time to bring up your commitment to each other, while Mars is in Capricorn.

Following your cautious nature, you will want to plan and prepare for any change. So, if you are wanting to get closer to a love interest or just be more passionate with your current partner, Mars will enable you to ask for and get what you want. Be grateful, and be sure to show gratitude to those around you.

Mars and Capricorn in Love

Mars and Capricorn in Love combine forces to bring out your aggressive and determined sides. Mars and Capricorn, Ruled by Saturn, are super strong, together. You are self-disciplined and well-tempered. You do not panic easily, but instead, monitor the situation and find the safest way to rise above it.

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Your best prospects for love are with a partner who appreciates your practical and physical nature and approach to life. You love to explore your body and your lover’s body and need a partner who is confident and secure enough to enjoy it, also. An open-minded Pisces or Aquarius might be a great match for you, if you have a unifying mission that keeps you on the same page, mentally and emotional—the sex will be mind-blowing, but make sure the communication is strong elsewhere between you, also.

Your worst prospects for love are with a partner who will want to boss you around or keep you from climbing. You might appreciate the homemaking and nurturing qualities of a Cancer, you will not be content to sit at home with them every single night. You might also get annoyed by the persistent stubbornness of a Taurus or the perfectionist tendencies of a Virgo.

Dates for Mars in Capricorn

Mars entered Capricorn on September 17, 2106. Mars will not visit Capricorn this year but will appear in again on March 17, 2018. Be sure to use this time to speak up about any problems or concerns you are having about your relationship. Mars is here to encourage you, make your voice heard, and help you strengthen your love.

Final Thoughts

You will find your way as you always do, and find fulfillment when you seek a balance of wanting to climb higher and knowing when to stay put in a wonderful moment. Do not overlook all the amazing blessings in your life right now. Sure, identifying problems and solving them will bring you joy, but not if you never slow down long enough to appreciate the fruits of your labors.

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Be grateful for those around you, who teach you and who allow you to share with them. You will benefit from showing respect to all people, always, which comes easier with age and experience. For help, draw from the strength that Mars brings to Capricorn. Use your borrowed might to its full extent, and it will not be wasted—for your ambitious nature and perseverance will land you in the middle of your wildest dreams—where you will find love and fulfillment, with Mars in Capricorn.

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