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The Best Sexual Compatibility for Capricorn Women

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Sexual Compatibility for Capricorn WomenUsually, when people say the word “sex,” the word “Capricorn” doesn’t usually follow. Usually, the first thing that would come to mind would either be a Virgo or a Scorpio.

This is really all too bad. For the longest time, as Capricorn people – we’re not just talking about Capricorn women here; we’re talking about Capricorn men as well – have developed a reputation for being sexually cold.

In bed, the Capricorn reputation is that they’re basically just all about business. Wham, bam, thank you, Ma’am!


Basically, to put in cheeky terms, to many Capricorns supposedly, sex is a quick in and out affair.

This is really all unfair to the Capricorn because you have to remember that the Capricorn symbol is that of a goat and mixed with a fish. This is a very powerful marriage of two sexual symbols.


Let’s analyze that for a second.

The goat I don’t think needs any explanation when it comes to sex. After all, in Greek mythology, goats are very sexual. Goats are very promiscuous. Goat signs are all about sexual conquest and exploration.


The fish element of the Capricorn, which actually makes up the bottom half of the Capricorn horoscope sign, is no slouch when it comes to sexual symbolism either. The fish according to Mediterranean mythology is all about fertility.

This should not be a mystery. If you’ve read, let’s say, cows, you’d be lucky to have a cow produce a calf every single year. If you breed pigs, maybe you’d have 16 piglets every year.

If you breed fish, on the other hand, or if you farm fish, on the other hand, we’re talking millions upon millions of eggs. That’s how a fertile a fish is. Basically, you start a school of fish off just one pregnant female. How amazing is that? Now, that is sexual power!

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This is why it’s very sad that all these rich sexual symbolism and imagery don’t get translated to a very positive reputation as far as sexual compatibility and sexual prowess are concerned for the Capricorn.

Here are just some key things to keep in mind to maximize sexual compatibility with Capricorn women.

You Have To Lead a Capricorn Woman

Make no mistake about it. When it comes to eagerness, Capricorn women are all gun-ho for sex. They’re not cold fish and it’s not like they would resist sex providing everything is right.

The root of miscommunication or misunderstanding is that in many cases, if left to lead the sexual experience, the experience will be cut and dry.

In other words, it would be just basically straight-out business, cut to the chase, no imagination, no exploration; in many cases, no need to set the tone or ambiance.

If you are a particularly romantic man, and you would like to really massage in a lot of seduction that really builds up physical, emotional, and psychological heat overtime – kind of like a nice, unfolding, classical music concerto – you have to take the lead.

However, if you are the kind of guy who looks at sex as a basically just quick and intense 5 minutes or 10 minutes, then you have a lot in common with the undeveloped or less polished Capricorn woman.

If you’re a Capricorn woman, and you want more from your sex life, you need to be clear about what you need. It’s all about open communications.

The best lovers are not necessarily the best equipped. The best lovers are not necessarily the best trained or masters of some mystic sexual art imported from the far east. No. The best lovers are actually guys who are willing to listen.

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But it takes two to tango. You might have a guy, who is a great listener, but if you’re not willing to communicate what you expect and what you would like to see happen; things aren’t going to pan out. I hope that’s clear.

So one of the keys to maximum sexual compatibility and sexual fulfillment for Capricorn women is open communication.

Don’t be shy that you would like foreplay done a certain way. Don’t be shy about him exploring certain parts of your body if that’s what you want. You have to verbalize what you want and what you need.

The good news is that the Capricorn can easily make this transition because the Capricorn is a materialist sign. You have no problems communicating what you want in a financial world, in your career world, and it really doesn’t take much of a leap to verbalize what you would like to see happen in terms of your sexual needs.

We all have needs and the worst thing you can do is to deny your needs because you feel that they’re awkward, or that they are something to be embarrassed about. No.

You have to remember that when you are in bed with somebody or when you are in a relationship with somebody, you inhabit a place of trust and emotional bonding. If that is not how your relationship is configured, then I’m sorry. That’s not a real relationship.

If you have a real relationship, it’s built on a solid foundation of trust. When you have that solid foundation of trust, then it’s okay to talk about what you want. It’s okay to talk about what you need. It’s okay to talk about what will make you happy in terms of physical sexuality.

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Because if you do not take care of your needs, chances are sex will be unfulfilling. Sex will basically be only partial and incomplete.

You have to understand that sex is a gateway of higher levels of consciousness, higher levels of being, and higher levels of self-completion. You are really leaving out a large portion of what you are capable of in terms of happiness, fulfillment, and self-awareness as a human being by basically looking at sex as a commodity.

Too many Capricorn women are so focused on their careers, so focused on moving ahead that they think that sex is an item to be put in their schedule like, “Okay, go to a meeting, pick up groceries, have sex with husband, and go to sleep.” It doesn’t work that way.

It has its own rhythm. It has its own reality. You have to basically let it unfold and budget, not just time, but communication and emotional resources to it for it to really enrich all other aspects of your life.

That is the key to the best sexual compatibility for Capricorn women.

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