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Mercury in Aquarius

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Mercury in Aquarius helps draws on your visualization skills and allows you to glimpse ‘the big picture’. You are a socially-sensitive and eccentric Air Sign. Your Ruling Planets, Saturn and Uranus, keep you searching for an equal balance of self-discipline, and an openness to the unknown. Your unique talents for capturing the mood of a moment, expressing it clearly, and building upon that momentum makes you an invaluable friend.

Mercury in Aquarius Traits

Mercury is the Planet associated with your relationships with others and an appreciation for language. Aquarius is the Sign of friendship, of social connection, and of progressive thinking. Many people with Mercury in Aquarius are straightforward and trustworthy. The combined influence of Mercury on top of Saturn, Uranus, and your Aquarian Zodiac, you area star gate, of sorts.

Your Sign has two Ruling Planets, which helps you remain unbiased. Saturn is the Planet connected with a strong work ethic and intrinsic motivation. Uranus is the planet linked with rebellion. So, you are open-minded, unprejudiced, egalitarian, spiritual, vocal, and love to play the devils’ advocate…and you still manage to find love and fulfillment everywhere you go, especially when you find Mercury in Aquarius!


Mercury in Aquarius Women

Mercury in Aquarius Women manifests as the best girlfriend you could ask for. No matter what gender you identify as a Woman with Mercury in Aquarius should be one of your closest confidants. You, with the help of Mercury’s planning skills and your own creative thinking, can overcome any obstacle in your path.

You are upbeat, optimistic, and friendly. You are great in one-on-one heart-to-hearts with your best friends but can also stir a crowd with your public speaking ability. People naturally seem to gravitate your way to discuss and debate the biggest of life’s questions. You blossom beautifully in this environment, as Mercury hones your opinions, and you find universal truths.


You reason in the language and scale of the cosmos. However, you can also speak to a crowd and accurately impact the very highest and lowest of the intelligence scale, in your audience. Mercury’s influence on Aquarius will manifest itself in your conversations with yourself, your loved ones, and a higher power (or lack, thereof, depending on your views).

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You will find fulfillment in a job interrelated with public relations, social marketing, and theoretical physics—but you are also a jack of all DIY trades. You are above average intelligence, and love to show off your incredibly encyclopedic brain. Your roles are symbolized by your Zodiac symbol, the Water Bearer, who carries enough water for multiple people or tasks. Your giving natural and fertile mind will bear some of the sweetest fruit.


You will find love when you are fulfilled in your work setting and feel secure in the home you have carved out for yourself. Nothing fancy. A minimalist approach to interior décor might help you not feel so cluttered, or shut off. Mercury in Aquarius is a signal to you to expand your mind, brighten your environment, and lessen your distractions.

Your openness to find and question your own religious and philosophical views is energizing to others. You inspire an inquisitive mind to reach for the literal stars and to the depths of the earth, sea, and soul to find fulfillment. You are incredibly driven, without being preachy. Find and cherish those who can truly appreciate who you are.

Nurture the questions that nag you the most. Spend time on them. Brainstorm about them with your friends. Every sign in the Zodiac can be found in your wide circle of acquaintances. Mercury in Aquarius is there to help you get your feelings across—and together, form a solution and try it out.

Mercury in Aquarius Men

Mercury in Aquarius Men is most prominent when they seem detached. Your Airy and intelligent man is sensitive to those around him. While he may not label himself as religious you will notice he holds a few precious things very close to his heart. An Aquarius feels the need to tap into the spiritual realm occasionally, and there is a perfection window for communication, especially with Mercury in Aquarius.

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This man may have grand ideas, but trust that he is not delusional. Many Aquarian Men are known for their progressive—even radical or heretical—thinking. Civil rights leaders and tech industry insiders often have Aquarius present in Sun, Moon, Mercury or other celestial events. Aquarius is the Sign of Genius, so make sure you do not criticize his high hopes too hard.

An Aquarius Man, empowered by Mercury’s ease in communications, can own the board room or the bedroom. Make sure to be emotionally available. While this man is open-minded as they come, he is still hard-pressed to tolerate mind games, emotional manipulation, or false feelings. And, yes, he can tell when you fake it to make him feel better—and no, it does not help either of you.

An Aquarius loves truth, so honesty is the best policy. When Mercury is present in Aquarius, he will be in an understanding mind frame. This grace stops when you start concealing your true motives. The rebellious and curious influences of your Ruling Planets will not hinder your ability to communicate to the outside world—be very aware of this gift.

Mercury and Aquarius in Love

Mercury and Aquarius in Loveunite to make each other stronger. Mercury will bring out your inner bullshit meter—keeping you from accepting or offering lies when communicating. Aquarius, especially in the influence of Mercury, will have the courage to speak unpopular opinions or fight for unrecognized civil rights.

Your best prospects for love are with are with a partner who can stimulate you intellectually. You are attracted to thought, philosophy, scientific reason and debate. Find a mate who will complement your questions with their own. Love will find you when you allow yourself to be completely open with another, trusting each other, and allowing Mercury in Aquarius to explain things a bit more clearly.

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Your worst prospects for love are with a partner who cannot appreciate your intellect. A stubborn Taurus might give you too much pushback to be worth the time investment. A demanding Leo might seem like too much of a spoiled brat. You will not benefit from being rushed, interrupted, or disrespected.

Dates for Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury enters Aquarius on February 7th. Venus will appear for you on March 4th, in Retrograde. Venus will be back Direct on April 15th.

You are spared the discouraging, and sometimes crippling, Mercury in Retrograde. Be aware of other celestial events occurring around you, especially now. Use the power of your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Retrogrades, Solar and Lunar events, and all other pertinent information you can. You have much to learn this year, especially when Mercury is in Aquarius.

There are other times you can watch Venus enter and interact with other Signs. Friends who know each other very well can pick out the days when you feel under the dark cloud of a Retrograde. Remember to be grateful for Venus in Retrograde—it is literally extra time to study at home for a pop quiz on the love you know is coming the very next day.

Final Thoughts

Never be ashamed of your detached nature, especially when Mercury is in Aquarius. Instead of viewing this quality as a weakness, try to reset your brain to see the positive in this emotional habit. Surgeons must be somewhat detached emotionally when performing surgery on someone—and no one sees this as anything but focus and dedication to helping others.

The same understanding applies to you, with Mercury in Aquarius. You will find your fulfillment when you find your niche helping others—even if the road there is a bit bumpy. You are beloved among other Signs because you are a true friend. You give great love advice, and soon you will be in your own relationship, thanks in part to Mercury in Aquarius helping you get there.

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